Getting positive feedback before sending an item out?


May 12, 2008
Something bizarre happened to me tonight that I'm trying to understand, and maybe someone else has some insight. I sold some Seven jeans tonight and the buyer paid tonight and left feedback...tonight. Here's the exact feedback: "Great transaction! Great product! thanks". This is from a powerseller with 250+ fb. Any thoughts?


Nov 30, 2008
i'll chime in and say this happened to me and it's a red flag for a SCAM! the buyer wrote + feedback before i sent out the item. i checked out his feedback and i noticed there were a lot of neutral ones that didn't affect his percentage score but were shiesty sounding ones. basically, the buyer gets the item and pretends like he never got it or pretends like he got a defective one, files a paypal claim and wins. seller is screwed.

so although your situation could very well be the buyer being confused--i'd say check out the feedback score for NEUTRAL ratings/comments before sending out and if it sounds doubty, don't go through with transcaction