getting paradiso dirty?

  1. i just got a paradiso campeggio, and im so scared to get it dirty! i have dark jeans and such and i heard about the color rubbing of on their bags! what should i do to prevent this?!
  2. If I were you, I'd just buy some Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and when you see it's getting dirty, just clean the dirty parts w/the eraser!

    I'm sure some other girls will suggest scotchguard but I have never used the scotchguard and I won't ever use it...too scared of it but I guess that's also an option. I also know that the scotchguard wears off though so you have to reapply it every so often.

    Congrats on your bag!! ;)
  3. Yeah, I Scotch Guarded my Paradiso gioco and it was totally fine. Other than that, I carry around a Tide pen and Oxyclean spray. Then I have the Magic Eraser at home... but I was thinking of cutting it up into little rectangles so I can keep a piece inside a plastic snack bag to carry with me. Hehe.
  4. My BF just told me that I can cut them up into little squares!! :nuts:
  5. ugh mine gets dirty easily and i have the campeggio i use for school. i just carry the tide pen with me and it always gets the dirt off.
  6. thanks! r tide pens expensive?
  7. No - I got mine for a little over three bucks, I think :p
  8. what is better...tide pen or mr. eraser???
  9. I :heart: mr. eraser but I never tried tide pen.
    Is the tide pen for small spots only? :confused1:
  10. exactly how do you use the mr. eraser? scrub lightly? i have to be prepared for my new bag AS STELLINA!!!:graucho::yahoo:
  11. ;) When I cleaned my AS Zucca I scrubbed as hard as I could b/c it was totally black. I guess if you get a spot on it you can just rub it a bit. You just wet the sponge and rub a dub dub!! It's exactly like it's name MAGIC! :yes: Can't wait to see your new AS Stellina!! ;);)
  12. Stupid question, but if you rub the fabric quite a bit, does it start to look thinned out or does the section that you used the Mr. Clean on look like it's been rubbed a lot? I want to use it on a spot on my bag, but I don't want to rub too hard and damage the bag.
  13. i don't think the cleaners damage the material.. they just work on the surface.

    i've gotten my paradiso zucca a bit dirty.. i didn't notice but i was using it much more than my others so it was bound to get some stains. it's mostly the trim on the edges.. everything else i've been able to get out with the tide pen.
  14. thats why i bought an inferno campeggio for school...and even still i know its gonna get dirty and the edges are gonna get worn because i had a black messenger for school last year and theres little holes and tears around the edges and it was a canvas bag :push:

    o well..i buy them to wear them not worry about how dirty its going to get if i set it down on some random chair or something. just my opinion.

    and of course that doesnt mean i mistreat my bags either lol..
  15. lol.. yea i wanted to set my bag down on a chair next to me today, but people kept coming in and wanting to sit there so i put it on the floor..