Getting Outbid/Sniping

  1. I have been outbid on two bags in 24 hours. Both times, I waited until the last 30 seconds to bid, put in a bid at least $50 more than what the bid was at the time (both bags went for under $350, so I thought that was enough). Both times I have been outbid by the same person -- a reseller! Both bags were kind of rare too ... one I've never seen on ebay before, and the other rarely.

    I know it's my fault for not putting in a higher bid but it really annoys me that the person is probably going to sell them for a lot more money because they're MPRS and the sellers were not. I just wanted them for myself, haha. Also, I stayed up past my bedtime to bid on one, so I'm cranky. :hysteric: :P I wasn't as cranky until I saw the username again ... that's just freaky. I was wrong to assume I was the only one stalking bags that needed a little TLC.

    I'm guessing the person uses one of those sniping services (because, literally, I was winning with 2 sec to go on both). I used one once, but it felt kind of wrong to me, so I didn't do it again. I always wondered what would happen if two people signed up to snipe the same auction ... I guess whoever put in the highest bid would get it? I guess I think that part of the ebay game is watching you're auction until it's over ... and if someone snipes it, you really don't have a chance and are wasting time!
  2. whats snipping? the rest u guess is luck, try and use unusual bids in when it come to the last few mins/secs that way you have a much greater chance of winning lol! instead of say the bid is $50 and you enter $51 try something like $51.82 that way you will most lekely beat the opponent if they went for $51 or $51.50, yes clear numbers are better to work with byt that 32 cents extra won you the auction
  3. Lol I know what you mean!! I recently wanted this one Shine Mckenna bag and I figured I had it wrapped up since no one else had bid as high as I did and I also had a snipe on it for the end of the auction. Then somehow, I STILL got outbid with a snipe. I was SO mad. Ugh.
    It seems like lately I get sniped on a lot of stuff..I do kind of hate to bid on certain things because I know a lot of the bidders are TPF members and I'd feel weird outbidding them on things. Then I'd post my "oh look what I won" topic or something, and someone would go "oh so YOU'RE the one who outbid me."
    I'm weird like that lol.
  4. Sorry you missed out on your bids......

    Just be sure to put in a bid amount of the absolute highest price you're willing to spend for the item. A sniping service may give you some advantage of winning and there is nothing wrong with using one but it's the person who bids the highest who wins. Not necessarily the person who bids last.
  5. I always snipe. I don't have time to wait and watch auctions, and I don't want to get "caught up in the moment" and bid more than I really want to spend. I set a snipe and forget about it. Almost every ebayer I know uses the snipe services.
  6. What is a snipe service? I know how a regular ebayer can snipe something but sniping services? Need to know more....that's odd
  7. I'm not a fan of sniping. It makes the whole point of the word "auction" useless.
  8. I don't ever snipe. If someone wants it bad enough to pay more than I'm willing to pay, let em' have it.
  9. If you don't snipe, you are just driving the price up. That is the trick with auctions - you get caught up in the drama of bidding. Sniping allows people to get items cheaper than continuously bidding an item up.
  10. I used to feel that way until I lost so many things I really wanted by people using sniping programs. I was adamant I wouldn't ever use one because it wasn't "fair bidding". That was until a friend explained it to me this way:

    In a real auction when people are in a room placing bids on an item, there is no time limit on the auction. People keep bidding until a high bidder outbids everyone else in the room and no one wants to continue the auction. Then the auctioneer slams the hammer down and says SOLD. With eBay auctions, you are forced by time constraints due to the nature of online bidding. That is NOT a true auction.

    After I thought that over, I agreed with her and signed up for Auction Sniper. You still ultimately have the highest bid when the auction ends because you still can be outbid by another sniper (or even a non-sniper) with a higher max than you. So it's not a sure thing even if you DO use a sniping service. Since I've been using Auction Sniper, I've only lost one auction and that was the reason.

    Frankly I hate the eBay auction format and only participate if there's no Buy It Now option AND I use Auction Sniper!
  11. Sniping doesn't allow you to get it cheaper. Sniping ALLOWS you to get the last bid in. If you snipe with a proxy of $300 and the bid before you was at $99 but their proxy was $299, you still didn't get it cheaper, you got it at $300 which was your proxy.
  12. You must not understand how ebay auctions work. Look at how people are bidding on items - they keep bidding and bidding - increasing the price.
  13. I do know how they work, I'm a buyer and a seller. People don't just find random items people bid on and bid them up on purpose, it's called a market place. Supply and demand. If you want an item everyone else wants, yes they will all bid on it. The point is, no matter how much you win it for, you get it "cheaper" if it's less than your proxy. You shouldn't care how much it goes up to if you're willing to pay the ammount. Sniping isn't for the purpose of getting an item cheaper, it to get the last bid in.
  14. I snipe if it's something I really want. No sense in getting into a bidding war over something & driving up the price.
  15. I only snipe when there's something there that I really want. But usually, I don't get sniped; I put the highest amount I'm willing to pay, and if I get outbid, I don't really care. I can always wait and find it later on, no biggie.