Getting organized...

  1. I should preface this by saying that organizational skills do not run in my family. Remembering who does what and when and where is somewhat of a hit and miss thing....years ago I forgot a whole field trip planned months in advance with my daughters 5th grade class that she's never let me forget! (especially since I was supposed to bring the cookies!) So in an effort to change my ways I bought myself a Lilac Vision II agenda and it just arrived! Thank you is so beautiful and so soft and the color is so stunning that I'm in awe of it. :love:

    I'll be so organized and on time for things that I won't be able to stand myself!!!!:biggrin:
  2. YEA!!! I am glad it arrived safe and sound. I imagine it is a nice compliment to your Kelly. I think that lilac color is smashing. I need to get myself an accessory in that color. I wonder if they make the Kelly bracelets in lilac?
  3. Congrats on your agenda! I really need to get better organized too. :graucho: The lilac sounds gorgeous!!!!
  4. I do love lilac and raisin too...I have an eggplant sundress on right now!!!! Enjoy it!!! Be sister said that is one reason why I was put on earth...I am too, too organized with everything!
  5. Congrats! It sounds yummy!
  6. I think a wallet is next and perhaps it'll have to be....RAISIN! I love the idea of those two colors sitting in my bag next to each other....:heart:
  7. Lilac and raisin sound beautiful together!! Excellent choices. Enjoy your agenda and let me know how it helps you because I am not organized at all and have tried all kinds of planners. Enjoy in good health and happiness!!
  8. Thank you, everyone! I'll let you know how organized I really know what they say though, Zebra's never change their stripes. But maybe if they had an Hermes agenda, they would!!!!!!
  9. shopmom...I was thinking that the gorgeous lilac agenda might be a beautiful way to stay organized...who wouldn't use such a gorgeous Hermes piece?
  10. Pics! Sounds beautiful!
  11. LOL, Shopmom! Congrats on your new goodie!
  12. Sounds like you're enjoying it already.
  13. Yeah!!! Pictures pleeze!!! (I'm not that organized either lol!)...I once left Wal-Mart with dd and as we walked out she say "hey mom, what about Tim?? (her brother...who was in electronics and about 10 at the time!) duh......
  14. Pics Donna...pleeeease..!!;)
  15. Congratulations on your new agenda and goal of being organized!

    I prefer to jot down my appointments and stuff on a paper agenda rather than electronic ones. You'll have a lot of use from yours!

    Which wallet are you contemplating on? Bearn or Dogon?