Getting one more bag before price increase

  1. My great husband has offered to buy me one more bag before the price increase. So, I'm thinking BH. Can anybody tell me what's so great about it? Or, do you have another bag in mind? I'm trying to stay around $850. Hand or shoulder doesn't matter. I've always admired the way the BH looks on everybody in the photos. What would be better is for somebody to tell me what they HATE about the BH. Thanks everybody!
  2. It's too bulky.. I have one and I rarely wear it.. :shame:

    I much prefer the BV ! :yes:
  3. I prefer BV= slimming and taller illusion lol

    BH is too wide for my my looks like I have a fin..
  4. i'm sorry, i'm new. but what is bh and bv?
  5. i love the bh!! its A GREAT bag
  6. I already have a large bucket, do you think the bv will look too similar to it?
  7. Ke-- BV=batignoles vertical

    BH= batignoles horizontal

    LOL ladies correct me if I spelled batignoles wrong!! :smile:
  8. Personally, I find both the BH and BV to be cute but I would prefer a Cabas Piano or Mezzo.
  9. how about a popincourt haut!
  10. My DH said to me about the BH was, "take out the logos and it looks like a beach bag to me!:roflmfao: Guys are silly!:P
  11. How tall are you? The BH/BV choice seems to depend a lot on your height? I am also trying to decide between the PB/BH/PH before the increase. If you have a full bucket already, I do think that might be very similar to a BH. The PH might be a nice choice?
  12. You guys have great ideas. I have the PH already, though. I'm about 5'7". This is harder than I thought it would be!
  13. I think I'm liking the BV bettter than the BH buuut if you have the PH, then get a different style. It looks similar to me. Do you prefer a handheld or shoulder bag? How about a papilon 30?
  14. Papillon 30 is sounding pretty good. There are just too many that I like!
  15. Yeah, if you have a bucket and a PH, then you have that style pretty well covered. I am assuming you already have a speedy? What about a Lockit or Alma? Or maybe just stick with a BH, it is a great bigger bag!