Getting on waiting list by phone? UK


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Apr 8, 2009
I wanted to get on the waiting list for an item today and I called the LV number on the website and the person I talked to said I would need to go in store to put my name down.

I've heard from other members on here that they could put their names down by speaking to a SA. Well I have the name of one from a shop in London where I bought a few items so they will have my info on the system but I don't know how to reach him??

Does anyone have a phone number for the shops or know a way I could put my name on the waiting list without having to go in? I live 3 hours away :sad:


Aug 9, 2006
Hi, its really hard to get through to UK stores, I myself allways have this problem because as soon as you ring LV they put you through to a French Call centre somewhere in Paris. I usually ask for the store and ask to be put through, then the Call centre person will ask if they can help, so say no to this, say you need to specifically speak to someone in store and it should get you put through.

There isnt a direct number for the shops, make sure you talk to an SA though and preferably someone you have dealt with.