Getting off the pill and pregnacy

  1. I've been on the pill for almost 6 years now. Me and my husband are going to start trying to have a baby soon. How soon should I be off the pill before I start trying?? I've heard many horror stories (birth defects, miscarriages, etc), if I get pregnant too soon after the pill. Any advice be great!
  2. I've never known anyone who had a baby with birth defects from being on the pill. I suppose, though, that anything is possible. My sister, and a friend of mine, both became pregnant within a month or so of going off the pill. They both have beautiful heathy children. :smile: I would ask your doctor, he/she would probably know what the general recommendation is. It would probably take some period of time before everything is out of your system.
  3. I'd wait at least 2 months. . . unless you want twins!

    Twins have a high occurance rate when conceived immediately after stopping the pill!
  4. no birth defects =) but it'll take 1.5 cycles before you start ovulating again, but expect a couple of months anyway
    congrats on the decision!
  5. The first time I became pregnant 2 months after stopping the pill. There were no problems.
    It does not take long for the extra hormones to get out of your system. That's why if you only miss a couple of pills in a cycle you could become pregnant.
    This time it took NINE MONTHS for me to become pregnant, so good luck with your "project"--as my doctor called it!
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