Getting new LV, need help!!


Jan 21, 2006
Hey I'm considering of getting something from LV.

I'm not sure though what to get
here's the choices!!! quite a bit of varieties actually :P

1) Shirley (MC in white)
2) Lexington / mallory square (in fuschia)
3) smaller Manhattan
4) MC white speedy
5) ribera mini

I always like reibera mini, but i ended up buying the other ones all the times. and the shirley is very cute but not sure if it's gonna be ok to use everyday.

ANd i reallly llike the manhattan >>> one thing i consider is the weight ..... any mannhattan owner , please give me some thoughts on it's weight. I'm not a big lady and i dont' like the heavy bags!! ANy of you guys have pics of this bag ???? I want to see how it look like when it's been used....

For the vernis >>> i'm in love with the new color that's allll >>> but i might end up buying the key chain as extra item tho

Thanks so much for ur time !!!! I love all of ya,,,,,, PF rocks


Nov 28, 2005
i love the shirley but as an everyday bag it's definitely way too small (it's very narrow and hard to fit things into).....but if you carry almost nothing in your bags, like me, it's a gorgeous little bag

i too love the ribera and that would get my vote (although i wish it were just a little bit bigger......wish they had something in between the GM and'd be perfect)

and i love the manhattan as well :lol:......i bought it once and then returned it (not because i didn't love was because i wanted something else more) and i don't remember it being all that heavy, but to me it's too big to be an everyday bag (but i love teeny tiny bags so i'm not the right person to listen to on size)

ur lucky to have such a great deicision to make between so many beautiful bags :P


Jan 21, 2006
Goldensx5 said:
I love the Manhattan PM (but am biased ofcourse). It is very light and holds what I need for every day use (wallet, check book, sunglasses, keys, small pochette, etc..). Good luck deciding!

cool... how long u've been having this lovely bag ???? would you mind sharing some pics .... like i said i would like to see what it will look like after it's been used if u dont mind. thanks a bunch for the reply :smile: :nuts:


Material Girl
Mar 18, 2006
i have the shirley... first thing i did was take the strap off.... i use it as a clutch for going out as it doesnt fit a wallet at all..... i can just fit my phone, some CCs, a couple of lipglosses..... i wouldnt recommend it as a daily