Getting nervous over bidder on Dooney

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  1. I listed a Dooney IT bag. It's NWT. The high bidder has zero feedback and after looking up her bidding history, she is bidding on 13 other bags, mostly Dooneys. I've been selling and buying for a long time, and something just doesn't feel right about this "bidder". I am debating on cancelling her bid. I also contacted another seller to get her thoughts and let her know what I found out about the bidder.
    Any advice girls? I just get the feeling I'm about to get scammed on this bag.
  2. do it! same thing happened to me about two days ago. I stated in my auction that no bidders with zero and less than 30 days membership (+ I don't ship international) were allowed to bid my items, but this person with "0" feedback, less than 30 days membership and located in UK put a bid on my Dior. I checked and this person was bidding on 20 other items so I went ahead and cancelled his/her bid and immediately added his/her ID to blocked bidders list. I hope this helps. Good Luck!
  3. Thanks! I think I will. It just smells funny. Either it's a scam or she's out of control.
  4. ..btw, Is that your dog in your avatar? Gorgeous!
  5. I wouldn't worry too much until it gets closer to the end of the auction. If she's still the high bidder at that time, then you can cancel her bid. I've found that usually new bidders get outbid in the end. But ... definitely cancel her if you get too close and she's still the high bidder.
  6. Thank you! Yes...that's one of my two Chowies...he's a retired show dog. I was blessed to get him from the breeder who bred the #1 chow at Westminster this year. He won't breed, so she just gave him to me! I am so lucky to have him...
  7. I would be nervious too - especially with no feedback.
    Sounds to me like a scam or they don't know what they're doing.

    Are these active bids or 13 bids that the buyer didn't win? When I first started on Ebay I didn't know that most people bid during the last few seconds and I kept getting outbid.
  8. The bags she is bidding on are all active. It appears she signed up in the last two days and is bidding on all of these bags. And a pricey watch. So I feel like she/he is getting ready to grab a lot of loot with a stolen cc or something. The buyer is the high bidder on all of the items...and the Dooney bags are all the same style, with different patterns, with the exception of the two Micheal Kors bags they are bidding on. Something just isn't right.
  9. ooh your Chow is gorgeous! We had 2 when I was growing up, they're so beautiful!
  10. Thank you! I love chowies...they're good alarm systems too!
  11. :yes: they love their Mamas!
  12. I'd much rather have the Chow than any handbag I've seen!:nuts:
  13. Cancel her out and block her. Something is definitely amiss. May I please have your dog? :love: LOL!!
  14. Please tell me how you check on how many items they are bidding on?
  15. click on advanced search, then click on search by bidder and check their current auctions.