Getting negative feedback removed?

  1. Hi,
    I recently tried to buy some gift vouchers for David Jones (a high end department store in Australia) off eBay from a seller that was selling them in a multiple listing. I was going to pay but then another buyer contacted me to tell me she hadn't received hers and she warned me that it was a scam. I tried emailing the seller, no response, and then I noticed that his location had changed! From Parkdale to Parkville. So this set up a red flag, he was getting all this negative feedback but still selling them, so I left negative feedback as well and contacted eBay. Next thing I know he has left me neg feedback, his listings have been removed and he's no longer a registered user! When I contacted eBay they basically said it's a matter of subjective opinion if someone leaves me negative feedback and I wouldn't be able to remove it! I only left the feedback to warn away other buyers and now I feel like I'm being punished for it! Has anyone had this experience? Anyone managed to get neg feedback removed? It's annoying as I sell things on ebay and it's a bad look not to have 100% feedback.
  2. i think you can respond to that feedback , and saying something to explain the situation happen so your buyer can check. sorr to hear that
  3. Ebay is supposed to remove feedback like this but they never do. I know square trade charges $30, but they do remove the feedback.
  4. wow $30 for removing a neg fb! thats pretty cool.
  5. ebay will not remove feedback unless it is vulgar. This happened to me as well. I have only one neg and it is from a seller who I negged because he wouldn't send me a Choo bag I won because he wanted more $$ for the bag. Ebay finally did suspend him after about 30 e-mails from me with proof, but they would not take the neg off. I refused to pay square trade to do it!
  6. I have a negative feedback from a seller who sold me a fake LV mens wallet. I emailed him about it and he never responded back so i left negative feedback to him. THEN after he leaves me negative feedback saying my claims were unsubstantiated and i never contacted him. Liar of course. So i just have a comment after his feedback so others can see. And he is no longer a registered user.
  7. the prob. with that is once you become a seller with a lot of feedback, nobody is going to go through all the trouble of finding that ONE neg feedback to find out the situation... that really sucks!! sorry to the OP! =\

  8. I must be in the minority, because when someone has a neg, I totally go through all of their feedback to see what it was for before I make a decision whether or not to buy from them. I'd definitely recommend putting a comment about retaliatory FB from a NARUed seller.
  9. Thanks guys! $30 to have a feedback removed that ebay should do is annoying though! I'm going to give them a call and complain a lot until it's removed lol! I always check people's feedback ratings, so I assume my buyers do too!
  10. I definitely read seller's feedbacks before I bid. If the one neg drops you down to 99% and people read your response to his neg, it won't hurt your sales.
  11. Yah, just be sure to put in a response to the feedback and mention they are no longer register user. After the new feedback changes take effect in May it might be removed because all feedback from unregistered members will be removed.

    SquareTrade just goes through the process with ebay to have it removed for $30. I believe you can do the same thing on your own but I'm sure there are hoops involved.
  12. i def. check the feedback comments before bidding if i can, but what i meant was that in the cases of power sellers, you might have 1 or 2 negative feedback out of 10,000! it would be VERY time consuming and while some of us would take the time to find it, there are a lot of other prospective buyers who just see that 99.8% and just don't bother. anyway that $30 is ridiculous lol
  13. I thought if they have been de-registered, eBay removes their feedback from your score anyway.
  14. Just go to and you can check the sellers negatives and neutrals all at one time, who they received them from and who they left them for. It's a great site, especially with sellers that have a high number of feedbacks. :tup: