Getting negative FB removed?

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  1. I had a moron of a buyer who left me a neg. How can I get this removed (I always see profiles where it says 'mutually withdrawn' - how do I do that.)

    Quick story:
    Buyer bought a charm ($4.99) and sent a money order. MO took 2 weeks to get here. The day I got it I emailed her and told her I was sending the charm.
    2 weeks later she gets the charm (Canada Post is insanely slow right now).
    No message from her she just leaves a Neg with the comment "Poor communication with seller" = WTF??

    Anyhoo - how can I fix?
  2. That sucks. Have you left her feedback? If so, you can mutually agree to have both removed, but your buyer must respond before eBay will pull the neg. rating. (the comments will remain)

    Email buyer and ask if she will consider it & good luck!

    You can try this link for more info:
  3. Thanks - I just did it. Hopefully she goes for it - it only took my % to 98.5 but she only had 3 FB score so hers is not at 75% - youch!
  4. I hope she goes for it, Nyria!

    If not, give her time to think about it (and cool off, lol)
    I think the option stays open for at least 90 days.
  5. I've had things like that happen before (not negative feedback, but neutral). Some buyers are just overly picky! For example, for one buyer, I emailed them and let them know I was shipping their item 1 day later than I expected. I shipped the item Priority (when they didn't request it-- I did it as a nice gesture), and they STILL left me with neutral feedback! Eesh.

    The only thing you can do is contact the person to ask that the feedback be mutually withdrawn, but it seems like the person is an eBay newbie. You should explain to them reasons for negative feedback, as opposed to neutral and positive (show them whatever's in eBay's outlines).