Getting my very first LV...

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  1. So, after years as a teen and buying "expensive" (or what I used to think was expensive, anyway) bags and going through and discarding them season after season, I decided I need a classic. I want the Speedy 25, but I'm undecided between the Monogram and the Damier canvas. I live in a pretty affluent area, but it's frustrating to see how many girls my age (19) have fake LVs who try to pass them off as real. Anyway, I'm leaning towards the monogram just because it's my FIRST (and hopefully the second, third, and fourth will be coming, haha) Louis Vuitton piece and it's so classic.

    Any thoughts on which one I should get?
  2. Personally i prefer it in Damier !
  3. the speedy is a great idea and so timeless. i vote for the damier!
  4. Definitely the Monogram....
  5. I think the Speedy looks excellent in the damier, but as your very first piece I would go with the monogram. My first bag was a Mono Speedy and I loved it. Best of luck with your purchase. Really you cant go wrong either way.
  6. Mono first then Damier.
  7. I prefer it in monogram, sometimes I think the damier print is too stuffy (ahh !! don't hurt me damier fans !).
  8. I'd say go with mono (it's your first LV!!!) and I think speedy in mono should be EVERYONE's first LV!:yes:
  9. My Mono Speedy 25 was my first LV. It's a great "starter bag". LOL. Watch out though cuz you'll want more. I know I got the LV Bug.
  10. damier seems more exclusive, but monogram is classic.
  11. I really love both, but for your first I would go with the mono.
  12. I think the Mono is a great first piece...however, if you want to stand out from the girls, I'd go with the Damier.
  13. I have to vote the damier.
  14. Damier, more eyes will turn!
  15. I think mono is a great 1 st piece and save the Damier for second (there will be a second after you buy one!). It's a timeless classic that I think every LV collector/lover needs!