Getting my Lock and Keys (with leather tassle) replaced! How do I do it??

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  1. Hi Guys

    I'm SOOO SADDDDD :sad:((((

    I brought my newly purchased black swift GHW birkin (35) out in town yesterday.. and LOST MY LOCK AND KEY!!!!

    I've been running to all the stores and malls leaving my contact + name reporting the loss. But the chances of finding it is super low.

    I'm thinking of replacing the lock and keys.

    Does anyone know the cost and procedure of doing that in Singapore?

    Please advise!!!!!!
  2. I don't know about Singapore, but I'm sure that you can just order a new set for your bag. It is a fairly common leather, black swift and the lock and key is just a gold lock and key. It will cost, though. Good luck.
  3. Oh dear... hope someone will call and tell you its found soon. If not, maybe you can try calling the local store to enquiry about a new set.
  4. Dont worry, it can easily be replaced if it doesnt turn up.
  5. The lock and key are easy to replace. I know it cost US $200. They key clochette is not that easy. But it sounds like you only lost lock and key.
  6. -I didn't think this would merit a new thread (Mods pleas delete if it should be a new thread), but what if someone needed to replace the clochette as well? I've lost mine, it may not be a common one, Ebene Barenia... I have a feeling it is going to be complicated if not near impossible:thinking:
  7. Clochettes are replaceable. Cost is around $150.
  8. I also lost the clochette :sad:
    The leather tassle that comes with the lock and key.
    Glad to hear its replaceable.
    Mine is black swift- shouldnt be a problem yes?
  9. It definitely shouldn't be a problem to replace the clochette, lock and keys. It will take time though, so be prepared to wait at least a month for it.
  10. Hi Pyrexia,

    Thanks! I'm relieved to hear that :smile:

    Would you know by any chance whether they are friendly towards replacing it? I won't have to do a skip and a hop will I? :smile:
  11. I believe you need to bring your bag with you when you make the request. They are not sold separately, to the best of my knowledge.
  12. motomoto, they won't make you dance, but maybe if you offered to, they might get it to you a little faster. :biggrin: You'd be surprised how many times people lose these things. H is used to it, so don't worry. I'm still hoping that your lost ones will turn up, though.
  13. ^
    I know many of us here would do anything to get their H
  14. Haha silk you're hilarious.
    Seeing how I've two left feet complete with a voice that makes a crow flinch.. I think they'd get to me quickly if i Threatened to sing and dance!!
  15. Replacing the key clochette is possible but it can take a long time. I ordered a black box one about a year ago and havent heard back. I was quoted $150 or $200. I forgot already.