Getting my hair cut next week!!!

  1. So my I have been growing my hair for about 2 years or so and its to the middle of my back and I am sick of it. I have half wavy half straight hair and its driving me nuts so I am cutting it!!

    I normally wear my hair short but I was sick of wearing it short for so long so I grew it out. I am really nervous!!!!

    Here is a pic of the cut I am gonna get....but I want the back to be a little longer not as stacked in the back!!! Do you like??!
    jenna hair.jpg
  2. Oh that's the episode from LA Ink last night...I think it's a cute sure to post pics!
  3. yeah thats where i saw the cut!!! i get it done next thursday!!!
  4. Super Cute!!
  5. I LOVE IT :nuts: ... lol, actually I'm thinking about doing that myself :shame: My hair is very thick and goes down to the middle of my back by now. it's a weird middle-thing between straight and wavy and it gets worse the longer it gets.

    I really love that hairstyle but am afraid to take that plunge :push: I'm sure you'll look gorgeous with it!!! :yes: Can't wait to see pictures once it's done.
  6. i have the same exact hair as you!!!!! its weird because normally weight should make your hair straight because it weights it downs but the longer my hair gets the worse it gets just like you said. the shorter it is the straighter it gets.

    the top layer of my hair is poker straight and underneath is wavy and curly and frizzy hahah its so annoying!!!

    i half excited and half nervous!!! im excited because it makes your hair feel so much lighter!!!!
  7. That's a fabulous cut!! I say go for it. At least hair always grows back. Well, most of the time. LOL!! Make sure you get us some pics, I actually have a similar haircut only I didn't go all short on the back cause I have LOADS of thick, curly hair and at least a little longer I can still let it curl if I'm too lazy to flat iron it.
  8. would you mind posting a pic of the back of your hair and the front...i would love to see it....because i dont want mine too short in the back?!!!
  9. If I had the guts to cut it like that I would! I've always wanted a cut like that! Ever since I've been little I've always had really long hair and about every year and half I go get a bunch (to me) chopped off, usually just below my shoulders and it makes me sad, then I grow it back out and cut it off again the next's a neverending cycle! :yes: Post pictures if you do get that cut, I'd love to see it!
  10. I love it! I cant wait to see pictures!!
  11. That's hot! very victoria beckham. Do you have a photo of your hair now? We'd love a before and after pic!

    I'm getting my hair cut short soon as well - it's just a matter of finding a hairdresser to trust LOL... this is what I'm thinking of getting - not as modern and edgy as yours, but it's good to know there are other "big hair change" people out there!

  12. ill take a pic this weekend of my hair now and then when i get it cut i will do before and after shot!!!