getting my first speedy! :) would love your opinions...

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  1. first off, just wanted to say hi! i'm new here and i've already been lurking around for hours on end...this forum is probably going to be terrible on my wallet! :smash:

    in any case, i've finally given in and decided to purchase my first speedy. i have my heart set on a damier 30, but being a university student with bills to pay, i think i want to try my hand at buying one online (probably via eBay). i ran a search here, most said you should expect to pay close to retail, but those threads are several years old already. is this still the case? how much do you think i should expect to pay now?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you!
  2. It is still the same. Speedy's really hold their value especially damier. Best to buy one brand new for not much more
  3. Totally agree. I just got one yesterday and love it. Since the price is really close to retail, I would suggest that you buy it from the store. You will feel more comfortable knowing that it is authentic and if anything is of matter you can always deal with the store directly. =]
  4. DON"T BUY A SPEEDY!!! You will forever be addicted to the shape. There will be no turning back. You'll find yourself collecting every Speedy that is available. It is the perfect bag!

    Get a new one.;)
  5. The damier 30 speedy was my first lv as well! You will love it!! I agree with the others about getting a new one as the prices are almost the same :smile:
  6. Second hand damier speedies hold their value extremely well, I would just pitch in that extra little bit and get the boutique experience for your very first bag. ;)

    Also, since you're in Canada, if you're planning on getting one here, wait for the next Holt Renfrew Private Shopping Night !!
  7. thanks for everyone's input! i was hoping to save >$100 by buying online, if this isn't likely then i'll get it retail.

    mammabyrdie, it's funny you should mention its shape. i didn't like the speedy for the longest time because of its shape, but my friends have been carrying theirs around for so long i slowly warmed to it. i can't wait to get mine!
  8. i know, i think i just missed the last one!
  9. I'm pretty sure my first lv will be a speedy too. I really am loving the damier azur speedy.
  10. Yups, it was on Feb 10. Hang tight, there will be more.. :graucho:
  11. i really like the damier azur canvas too. that's definitely my second option, since i could match it to my azur international wallet.

    out of curiosity, are the prices for preloved azur speedys also close to retail online?
  12. I've got to agree with everyone. Go to the boutique, become friendly with your SA. Visit every so often just so your face becomes familiar. Wonderful things can happen when your SA really likes you. As for your choice-BRILLIANT! I own 2 (mono and azur, both 30s) and a damier 35 is next on my list.
    Let us know what happens:smile:
  13. I agree with everyone . spend the extra money and go to a LV boutique . The whole experience is unforgettable :dothewave:

  14. Yep. They are all close to retail esp the damier line (bot azur and ebene). I did have luck buying a mono speedy for $415 though. Take a look on the bay or bonanzle, but have it authenticated here first.

    Welsome to TPF! and congrats on getting an LV. They are addicting.
  15. I think that you should buy it brand new. I have priced pre-loved bags but they are just a few dollars cheaper. It is best to buy it new, then it is guaranteed to be authentic. Also, if you don't like it or if there is problem with it, you won't be hassled if you need exchange it. That's my two cents!:biggrin: