Getting My First Pair of Diamond Studs!

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Diamond Studs...Princess or Round Brilliant!?!

  1. Princess

  2. Round Brilliant

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  1. Getting my very first pair of diamond studs! I decided on 2 carat total weight studs, but it's been a tough debate between Princess and the Round Brilliant. Both are classy and chic...and I'm torn! A little help please~~~
  2. Round.
  3. Should always have a round brilliant .its traditional and sparkles a lot compared to princess .i have both ,but prefer the round.
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    Round brilliant!!! They are so classic!!! I have both 1.00 carat round with 1.00 carat diamond jackets. Together, they are just amazing. Recently, I got 2.00 Princess cut on French wires. They are pretty, but, I never receive any compliments while wearing them, I wear them almost daily. Now, when I wear my Rounds..... I can't stop the compliments.. So after saying all of this, the Round Brillant studs would be the way to go!
  5. I love my round brilliants but princesses look better on some people. Depends on your face shape and hairstyle. Better try both on.

    Two things to consider--
    Princesses will be smaller at the same weight.
    Since princesses have corners when they turn around you can tell and both ears might not always match. But most people don't mind this.
    It's also true that princesses will sparkle somewhat less unless you get the very best cut.
  6. I would go with round. I just bought myself a pair of .75 ctw round brilliant studs last week and they are amazing! My deciding factor was that I wanted the 4.5mm instead of the 4mm that the princess cuts have. Also I didn't want to have to worry about whether one earring got turned around and looked like a diamond while the other looked like a square. I would say get the rounds now and the princess later when you have all the basic pieces for your jewelry drawer.
  7. ROUND - I used to have a pair of princess studs and when it spun around the ears, it used to drive me crazy. I finally had them set into a 3-stone ring with my yellow diamond radiant. No more spinning problem. :P
  8. Looks like a landslide at this point - round.
  9. Round Brilliant as they are classics and a staple.
    You will get so much wear from them.
    If you haven't yet, go to a store and have the same size in both styles compared side by side. As someone else stated above, you will see a noticeable difference. The turning thing would bother me, at least for my first pair.
  10. Definitely is land slide at this point! Hahaha.....

    The round does indeed sparkle more than the princess. The first thing my husband said was the princess looks much smaller than the round even though they were all 1 carat. The turning/spinning thing will drive me crazy. My ring spins a bit on my finger because I've lost some weight....and that drives me insane so I don't think I want my studs to do the same.

    Thanks for all the responses so far. Everyone has given me a good insight. I'm starting off my first pair with rounds and eventually add a pair of princess. I saw a pair on French die for.....but....$$$$.
  11. Have you given any thought to size? If you know exactly what you are looking for sometimes you can get a steal on eBay with some of the no reserve auctions that start at $.01 or $0.99 or $1.00, you get the idea. I was able to pick up some .30 round studs for $60 something. Yes, they a little small but they look nice.
  12. RB...good luck!
  13. Round
  14. round.
  15. round brilliant!