Getting my first pair of Coach sneakers on Saturday!!

  1. Hey everyone!! :smile:

    I'm getting my first pair of Coach shoes on Saturday - Katelyn sneakers in black!! :yahoo:

    I just want to know, do they get dirty easily? They're SOOO comfy and I only own one pair of sneakers that I NEVER wear [I'm not a sneakers person at ALL] so I was so surprised when I just tried them on for fun while waiting for my mom. Needless to say, I fell in love with them instantly!!

    I hope they're still there...Saw them this past Saturday. Ugh, 3 more days!! :rolleyes:

    PS- I just realized that my whole Coach collection is black. I really need some color to spice things up LOL :p
  2. haha i just realized those are the ones my mom has! no they don't get dirty at all especially since they are black. mine have white on it and it looks brand new but i think it's because i never wear them lol.`
  3. I have them in white and have never worn them... At all and I have had them for months... But they are cute!
  4. :tup:
  5. I have a different print in black but it does not seem to get dirty at all! Their shoes are SUPER comfy and last a VERY long time! Welcome to the world of Coach Tennies!
  6. That's awesome! Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  7. I have been wanting a pair of Coach sneakers as well. But I haven't gotten them because I would have to order online. Does anyone know if they run big or small?
  8. ^ Hmm, I tried on 6.5s I think and they were a good fit. So they run a BIT small for me, b/c normally I'm a 6.

    Anyone else have any opinions?

    2 more days!! AHHH! Will post pics when I get them!
  9. I have 2 pairs of coach sneakers and love them. I wear them on campus. There dont get dirty fast unless ur walking in the Congrats take pictures when you recieve them.:smile:
  10. i have 4 pairs of coach shoes...they don't get distroyed unless your me and you wear them to work everyday all winter....
  11. they run a bit small, so go down half a size.

    i have katelyn's in white and they get dirty have black, you'll be good. i have another pair of black coach sneakers that still look brand new.

    congrats & enjoy.
  12. Awesome, thanks for all the replies! :smile:

    1 more day!!! :nuts:
  13. I just can't wait to see the modeling pics! haha