Getting my first micro or mini luggage tomorrow... last minute tips? :€

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  1. I'm really excited, don't know the store's selection yet, but I'm hoping for a silver hardware Celine luggage micro or mini. Anything I should know, or look for? Leather, quality issues, colors? TIA! :smile:
  2. No replies? That's a first... well, I went to the shop and was trying on Minis and a Micro, which was way too small on me, and the Minis looked too square and rigid on me somehow which surprised me. And then I saw the phantoms. Well it took on look and it was a perfect fit. So I got the "small" anthracite suede leather phantom and I'm in :heart:!!!
  3. congrats! the phantom is more boho chic and i actually prefer it over mini ,can't wait to see your pictures:graucho:
  4. Thank you! :kiss: Here are some iphone pics.





  5. image-1416061311.jpg


  6. Congrats

    I like your phantom, it suit you :smile:
  7. Congrats, and I love your scarve
  8. Thank you so much! I'm now officially into LV, Bal AND Celine! Uh oh :biggrin:
  9. love your suede phantom and kusama nf
  10. Fabulous buy! Love the phantom on you!
  11. love your new phantom! beautiful grey, it looks amazing on you :biggrin: enjoy your new bag!
  12. Nice size on you! I prefer small Phantom over Mini too :tup:
  13. Love the bag! May I ask which Celine store you purchased it from? :smile: TIA!
  14. Great choice. Love the phantom.