getting my first LV wallet tomorrow -- please help me decide!

  1. i cant decide between the groom pochette wallet and mono french purse... im also contemplating on a MC, but im not sure if i want to spend the extra 100$ or so... its as expensive as the bags! opinions please :confused1:

    i know the french purse price was decreased recently to $525, does anybody know how much the groom pochette retails for?

  2. I don't know how much the pochette wallet costs, but I think...groom. It's a cute line, but I don't know the availability. I also like the french as well, I like the hardware on it.
  3. I have and love the french purse -- love it! I didn't know it was reduced in price! WOW!!
  4. Not so keen on the groom too in your face for me!
  5. I have both Groom wallets and love them! I love the style of the Pochette one, especially.
  6. Groom pochette ( in red , is it? ). I think it's 280 pounds.
  7. Good luck on finding the groom. eLux doesn't have anymore and they told me Tuesday they will not be getting any more since it's a limited item. Today I received a damier porte tresor international, which is the same length as the pochette wallet. If you like "long wallets" it's a really functional choice. I am already in love with it after just 6 hours of owning it. :love:
  8. I love the groom! It shouldn't be terribly hard to get- most of the groom items are still easily attainable, with the exception of the agenda (especially the red).
  9. i happen to love my groom wallet- but i have the zippy organzier. i love the color inside it (and all the others). a french purse is very nice though. it depends on if you want a bigger wallet or not- horizontal or vertical. right? or am i thinking they're the wrong shapes?
  10. thanks for your response!!

    im actually not too particular about the size i just want a wallet im really gonna love... i figured the french purse is classy and classic... and the groom is, well, cute :smile:... and the MC i think is the one i really love and also bec i dont have an MC yet in any form, shape, or size ... but its so much more expensive! im so confused and i have to decide by tomorrow before my DH changes his mind! :graucho:
  11. I have the zippy wallet in mono and love it but if it's between the groom or the french, I say go with the french purse.
  12. i have the french purse in azur and i love it :yes: just the right size ;)
  13. I say groom since it's LE and VERY cute
  14. I'd get the groom since it won't be around much longer.
  15. If you like the groom and you can get it, go for it since it's LE.

    Rule 1, always choose LE over regular items that you can get later or you'll be searching eBay for them later.

    And the little groom is cute!