getting my first hermes?

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  1. well, first off, i'm a 20 year old guy, that simply can't get his mind off birkins! I'm a current collector of ferragamo and vuitton bags and accesories.i'm planning to get a 35 cm birkin in black clemence with silver hardware. what is your opinion? i'm 5 foot 6 inches. very short. hope to heard back from you guys soon. thanks again for the help. appreciate it.:yahoo:
  2. ^ There are a number of threads on this. If you do a search you will find plenty of discussion about men and Birkins including many, very helpful pictures of our male members carrying their bags.
  3. go for it!! :tup: :yahoo:
  4. Why not, ?
  5. Liberté is a guy and has a 35 cm Birkin, although it's not black (havanne?). I don't know how tall he is.
  6. ^
    LOL, I'm just a little bit taller than monsieur OP. Alan unless you are coming to Paris for the modelling pics, they are a longshot. I'm the worst with the camera as yall probably figured out already. :sweatdrop:
  7. I'm five seven and 35 suits me fine, I understand there is sort of :cursing:judgemental :cursing: shared opinion that it is purse size

    If you care about that, get a larger one