----> Getting My First DENIM piece .... but WHICH one shall I choose? <----


Which one should I get?

  1. Blue Denim Baggy PM

  2. Blue Denim Neo Speedy

  3. Blue Denim Cabby MM

  4. Blue Denim Pleaty

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  1. Hey there gang! :smile:

    Well, I'm finally thinking about buying an LV bag from the BLUE Denim line as a Christmas present to myself.

    I'm just stuck on which one is the best "bang" for my buck.

    Which of the following do you all prefer?

    Thanks for you help and vote in advanced peeps! :cutesy:




  2. I have a fuschia neo speedy and am always complimented on it. At times I wish I can throw it over my shoulder though so keep that in mind. Plus if you can go to an LV store and try them on! Its so much fun! GOOD LUCK!
  3. I voted for the Cabby MM. I have one (in black) & I love it! It's so easy to carry & I love that you can add the shoulder strap to it so you can wear it a different way :yes:
  4. I would also get the Cabby!
    I also have this in black and I absolutley love it!
    My second choice would be the Baggy PM, I've loved this bag for the longest time!
  5. mini pleaty? or is that too small?

    neo speedy would be pretty!
  6. I like the speedy the best!
  7. Blue Denim Baggy PM
  8. the pleaty!!!
  9. I'd vote any except the pleaty.
  10. I voted for the Cabby... but personally I'd get the GM =)
  11. I voted for the denim speedy! maybe it's because I want it for myself as well..heehee
  12. Cabby! I love the Baggy but the Cabby has my heart. :heart:
  13. Cabby! Just got it and LOVE it!
  14. I personally love the neo speedy. :heart:
  15. Go for the Cabby!!!!!!