Getting my First Coach!

  1. I am getting my first Coach this weekend. I have not yet decided what I should get. I am torn between Ergo Signature Small Hobo, Bleecker Signature Duffel Pouch in wine, Hamptons Signature Small Round Hobo in Chesnut, or the Bleecker small round hobo in wine. I do not know which to get but I am also going to get the matching skinny mini and maybe a scarf or key fob. So I have know idea what to do:shrugs:
  2. Well I would suggest trying them all on, without the stuffing, and see how you like them then!! :tup: I vote ergo just because I dont' like any of the bleeckers! ;)
  3. I vote for Ergo as well. I LOVE mine!!! I'd suggest going for the medium though. I got the small at first and it was jammed up into my armpit....and I love smaller bags but that one just wasn't working out for me. I don't like any of the Bleeckers either so Ergo, Ergo, ERGO!!!

  4. I have to agree again... I have tried on a small ergo and it was like all up in my armpit! :wtf:
  5. I really like the pics I've seen of the ladies on the pf with their bleekers but I haven't seen them in real life. I have 2 ergos and love them. They are wonderful bags. Its really hard to decide until you get to the store. I had a couple of things in mind for pce but once I got to the store I fell in love with something totally different.
  6. My vote is for the ergo.......especially in black:graucho: Im a little biast though, I just l:heart:ve mine!:smile:
  7. I also vote Ergo but agree with everyone else, the medium is better! The small doesn't fit well over the arm.
  8. My vote goes to the Ergo.
  9. Okay so I went to the store last night and drum roll please I got the Hampton Signature Small Round Hobo in khaki and chestnut. I tried the ergo on and the small was just right but I wasnt in love with as I thought I would be. They even had it in plum which was what I really liked. The SA brought me the Hampton and it was love at first wear. Now all I have to do is get some charms and a scarf.
  10. Goto the store and try on all the bags~ See which one is most comfortable to carry around and such!

    GL! and Congrats on your first coach!

    Post pics when you have decided and bought them! :biggrin:
  11. Post photos!! Congrats!! What kind of charms are you thinking of getting? I'll be picking up the watermelon charm tomorrow - gotta love charms and keyfobs!!!
  12. Another vote to get the Ergo, but get the medium! I have one and I love it.
  13. congrats on your first bag! they are very, very addicting!!
  14. Congrats on your upcoming 1st Coach bag. I also vote Ergo
  15. yay! nice decision. you'lll wear it for a long time. :smile: