Getting my first chanel!!!

  1. I'm ordered my first chanel bag from Joseph @ BG!! He was so helpful when I called him about getting a cerf tote. The only drawback is the bag doesn't have the detachable strap and he gave me a 10% discount, so the price was $1665!! I still can't believe it. I will post pictures when the bag arrives!!! :yahoo::wlae:
  2. Wow! What a great deal! Congrats...
    Please post pic when you get your bag...
  3. Was the 10% discount for opening a new account?

  4. Congrats!!
  5. Congrats! Love to hear you got a deal, especially with Chanel :tup:
  6. Congrats! pics please...
  7. wow...that's so awesome! I have never even used the strap!
  8. Definitely looking forward to seeing the pictures when you get your tote. Even better that you got a discount!
  9. Wow, congratulations! And a discount?! :p I can't wait to see pics.
  10. Well done! Such a classic bag and a score that you got a discount! :tup:
  11. Congrats, may this be the first of many!
    Can't wait to see pics!
    Enjoy such a beautiful and classic bag . . . . .
  12. a beautiful bag and a discount-wow!!!
  13. Great Deal! Congrats.
  14. congrats!
  15. Joseph is such a sweetheart isn't he. Congrats on a beautiful bag! Did you get the one with CC lock or the 2.55 Mademoiselle lock? (The large Cerf with 2.55 MM lock doesn't come with shoulder strap but the ones with CC lock do.)