Getting my first bbag for my bday :) I want a color that goes with black & brown

  1. Hey girls! For my birthday in May I'm either getting a First or a City, yay! :smile: I don't have any purses with shorter handles that can fit in the crook of my arm so I think one of thse will fit the bill. I wear alot of brown in my wardrobe, but I've been trying to incorporate more black as well. I would like a bag that I can wear with both colors since I feel like a black bag would be too limiting to my wardrobe. I already have a metallic olive green bag, a light pink bag, a deep purple/aubergine bag, a white bag, and several monogram LVs.

    These are the colors I'm thinking (I do better with darker bags..I forget and put them on the floor..or throw them in my car..oopsies)
    -Anthracite- LOVE!
    -Ink? (possibly too blue/purple)
    -Marine? maybe too blue
    -A mid to dark grey color
    -A deep red like Grenat or a burgundyish color

    I would love some opinions! I'm considering 07 as well as past seasons as well so if there's a color you fell in love with from a few years ago I would definitely scope it out.

    Thanks so much! I really enjoy "lurking" on this board and reading everyone's posts- y'all seem like such a warm friendly group. :smile:
  2. Wow!! You've picked some great colors there... Its going to be hard to choose!

    First of all: Congrats on the bag! Welcome to the forum! & Happy early Birthday!! :graucho:

    My birthday is in May too! It's a good month! ;)

    Out of all of your choices, I think Grenat would be awesome, because I hear it goes with everything - black or brown- and actually is something I am scooping out as well... Also, I love Marine and I think it is a very subtle blue, that can almost look black at times, and would look great with black & brown too!! Those are my picks... Good luck!
  3. Whoops... I just reread your post and noticed that you said you loved Anthracite as well!! If you are loving it, I think that would be a fab choice too!! :p

    See - its too hard to pick just one....
  4. I think grenat goes with both colors!!

    Happy birthday and happy b-bag!!!

  5. go with grenat or deep burgundy. Good luck!
  6. Welcome to our TPF forum and happy birthday in advance!! Since u love anthractie the most, probably u shld get this color instead...alternatively, u can select INK or grenat.....:woohoo:
  7. Happy Birthday :balloon:

    I vote for Grenat or Marine :yes:
  8. Happy Birthday:yahoo: !

    It looks like you're leanign towards Anthracite- you've even added a qualifier next to the colour which is a sure sign ;). So I'm going to vote for that first. Seeing as you already have blueish/purple in your roster, my second choice is for Grenat- such a gorgeous colour and easy to match!
  9. Another May birthday here - its a popular month. I'd say anthracite (looking at that myself) or grenat too. I actually prefer 05 bordeaux, but that'll be much harder to find than grenat, and they're both gorgeous. But def. go for anthracite - you seem to be leaning towards that one most.
  10. I have an ink first and an anthracite city and they both go with everything including black. I think the purplish undertone of ink and the grey/blue/green undertones of anthracite make a really nice contrast with black, even though you usually think dark blue and black wouldn't look good together. They both look great with browns and other neutrals as well. Good luck!
  11. I think grenat or bordeaux is the best because it offers the most contrast with both colors.
  12. I vote for ANTHRAACITE!
  13. From the colours you suggested and taking into mind what you already have i'd go for some kind of red (grenat or rouge vif?) in the City!

    Oh, and my birthday is May 31st! yayy
  14. I agree the other ladies, anthracite seems to be your fave so I would choose that. Second would be grenet. Happy early birthday and can't wait to see pics of which one you finally choose.
  15. I'd go for grenat or maybe rouge theatre, and they'll be great for day or night.