Getting my first Balenciaga bag - city or town???

  1. So I've been researching these bags like crazy and I can't decide which to get! And I've ruled out the Velo because its just too big for me. I typically own satchels with a cross body strap which is why I am thinking about getting the town. However the City is such a classic bag and I love the shape but I'm not sure if I'd be a fan of the shoulder strap. Unfortunately do not live near a store so I cant try any on. My other dilemma is whether I should get the bleu mineral or bleut? Any opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! And I am planning to get the classic style for whichever I choose.
  2. I was going through the same dilemma when deciding on my first Bbag! I was really leaning towards a Town at first, but ended up purchasing a City and I absolutely love it! It's the classic and most popular style, and I really like how it fits all my essentials perfectly. However, I do wish the shoulder strap was a bit longer (like the Part-Time). The Town can be worn crossbody, but I've read many complaints about the Town strap being ridiculously long (even though it has an adjustable strap). It would probably make your decision much easier if you could try it on in person. :sad: I do know the Town fits much less than a City does so maybe taking into account what you carry on a daily basis will help you make a decision. Let us know what you decide! Good luck :smile:
  3. Thank you for the advice! Does the city feel overly big at times? And is it heavy? I typically carry medium bags and in some photos it looks really big. I am 5'7 athletic frame.
  4. The city looks big in pictures but when I got mine I was like "phew thank goodness" because it is truly not as large as it looks in stock photos once it's smooshy and had your things in it! I love mine I'm so glad I got it!
  5. Oh and not heavy at all- one amazing thing about going from marc Jacobs and Chloe to balenciaga is that your like feels like I'm barely wearing a bag!
  6. The city looks very deceiving (size wise) in pictures. I was against getting the city at first because it looked way too big in pictures and thought it'd be too big as a daily bag. However, when I tried it on in the store, it's actually not that big! It's the perfect medium size bag. I wouldn't worry about it being to heavy especially if you're getting the regular hardware with tassels. It should feel more or less lightweight. :smile: I definitely recommend the city as your first Bbag! It's a great bag and I am very satisfied!
  7. I'm probably going to carry it mostly on my shoulder. Is it easy to get in and out if while in the shoulder or too short?
  8. Not hard at all- to be honest it's the easiest, lightest and most versatile bag I carry.. And I am a bag hoarder. I think you will be really happy with it
  9. City is the perfect size, and it's really such a lovely style! I have no problems getting in and out of the shoulder strap - but I use the handles more, that's just me. I do agree you can/should try it out in person first to make sure. That's what I did when I bought my first bbag at Barney's - and I was choosing between the Town and City too! I just preferred the shape of the City, and it felt good to me, so the rest is history. :biggrin:
  10. I have both and I use the city way more. It is more like a small/med size everyday bag whereas the town is my going out to the movies or date bag. I don't really use the strap because it is too long for my 5'2 short self. The city would be a great size for you.
  11. I have a city (only!) and it's seriously amazingly light. It even fits my 13" MacBook Pro haha. I found the strap annoying too and wish it was longer but you get used to it and now I'm glad there's actually a strap because in the end I'm not thinking about the strap itself... I just want to have a comfortable bag!

    Nevertheless the city is a great bag and such a classic :smile:
  12. Thanks everyone! I'd buy the city in a heartbeat if it weren't for the strap. I'm so used to a longer strap I'm afraid to go shorter. The towns dimensions are only two inches smaller so I'm surprised it can hold that much less. Color wise, has anyone seen the bleut vs blue mineral in person? I can't decide on color either! Even the blue mineral photo between the town and city looks like a completely different color!
  13. Blue mineral town
  14. Bleut city
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    City has a deeper base while Town's base is only 3" deep hence it holds much less.
    I'd choose the City if I were you, since you have other cross-body bags, it's nice to have something different. City is not big at all, it's more of medium size bag, I think it'll suit your frame better.
    BM is darker but looks bright blue when outdoor. Bleute has a bit of purple undertone, which is beautiful too