Getting my extensions back in

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  1. I went to the Hairdresser Saturday to get my hair match up. I am sooo excited. :yahoo:
  2. Fun!! Post pics! :smile:
  3. I just put mine back in this afternoon..............I always feel so bald headed without them!!! But this time I had my girlfriend cut them down to just about mid back. I purchase them in 17" and it's just too long for me sometimes!
  4. You do do.. :smile: Mine are going to be 20 inch. I was going to get some crown put in but going with all blonde again :biggrin:
  5. How much does that cost and how long does it last?
  6. 6 months costing me 600 Euros:smile:
  7. Wow!! Do post pics when you get them! I love how they look but I'm so careless with my hair I'd practically tear them out after a week. I'm dying to see how yours turn out though!
  8. Yay! Remember to pst pics! I would love to see them!

  9. It depends on various factors. You would be wise to purchase the best hair possible as this will eliminate future problems and allow you to have the hair moved up several times before needing replaced. I don't mark up my hair to my clients so it tends to run at about $300-400 for the hair. Then the installation is even more some people charge by the hour (Around $250) I charge by the bundle or rows which tends to average out at bare minimum $300 but on the average $600. I can whip out a full head, cut in and all, in 2 1/2 hours. I've been doing extensions for 15 years and the methods have gotten cleaner, safer and faster! When I first started doing them they took about 8 hours to install and about the same amount of time to remove....they were messy, difficult to work with and all in all....a total PIA! The methods today are great! and quick! I will be installing two full heads on Monday and still have what is a "short day in the salon" for me.....back in the day I'd be lucky to install ONE in a full day's work! Yeah for technology!

    They must be moved back up to the scalp occassionally and that depends on how fast your hair grows and how meticulous you are. Some people have theirs moved up every month some go 8-10 weeks. I move mine up when they start to bother me.

  10. omg I did that with my first set . But I do mind them now:smile:

    I'll post up pics I'm going to see can I be fitted in next Friday I hope so now, :smile:
  11. Here's the pics of my new extensions. This time I used only one color but sometimes I use either two or three different colors or custom blend the pieces. Excuse the blurry one but I had to take if of myself before I left for work this AM.
    Jeans 017.jpg Jeans 018.jpg
  12. They look BEAUTIFUL! How do you recommend having them put in?? I have had them before and HATED them especially when they were removed. My hair was practically ruined!!
  13. Thank you!!! As I've made it well known on my juants through the forum I'm a stylist here in Las Vegas. If you wore them over 5 years ago I would say TRY IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!! As I said in my previous post it used to be the biggest PIA, not only the installation and removal but it was a full time job in itself just to make them look natural.
    Technology has come a LONG WAY!
    I do several methods in the salon but at this point these were put in with Shrinkies. Do you remember Shrinkie Dinks? They were these neat pages of plastic paper that you drew on and when you heated them in the oven they shrunk down, got thicker and harder. You could make key chains and stuff out of your own art work! They were fun. Well, the Shrinkies are small, tubular pieces that you pull a small piece of your natural hair through (With a small rug hook type of appliance), insert the extension (That has a pre-bonded end that looks like the tip of a shoe lace) and then you use a special iron to shrink the bond down in place. Voila! Easy. Then when you remove it, you use a tiny pair of removal pliars to simply break the shrinkie and it comes right off. Like I stated in an above post I can install a full head (Which is what I have on now) in 2 1/2 hours and that includes the haircut, too!
    You would have such a great experience with them. The damage that used to be caused came mostly from wearing a weft (Ghetto Cheap method) that looks horrible and causes Tension Alopecia or from the removal proces that was difficult!!! I have worn every method known to man and hated them all. I just began wearing them again about a year or so ago and now I can't go without them! I've never had really great hair so I'm fortunate to be comfortable with this method.

    I can help you find a tech in your area if you'd like more information or can direct you to some websites if you need!!! I've done a TON of work in Texas....just about every part.....and can easily find a great stylist for you. :o)
  14. Hey I'm not a do're a do do. :p :p That makes me laugh my ass off every time I read it, "You do do" hehehehehehe I've been calling my friends that for three days now..I don't know why it humors me so much but it does:roflmfao: I don't even know if I'm reading it right.......did you mean "do do" like Poop, or "Dodo" like the Dodo Bird. I prefer "do do" like poop!!! heheheheheheheheh I'm calling EVERYONE's purging! LOVE IT>
  15. I live in south florida Delray/boca Raton area. Can you recommend someone or a website?

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