Getting my DBF his 1st LV bag. Hope to get some advices. Thanks!

  1. I am planning to get the CITADIN from the Damier Geant Canvas line for my DBF as a x'mas present. Hopefully, I can save in time to get for him. If not, it would have to be a very belated gift. But well, better late than never. :p Infact, he was the One to introduce me to LV. My first LV was a gift (Monogram Billfold & Coin Purse) from him which is coming to 5 yrs of age and I'm still using it. (Proving that LV is very long lasting indeed. :nuts:) But as I'm not familiar with the guys' range, hope that you guys/gals here can give me some advice. Sorry that I'm not able to copy and paste the pic here, but it can be found on the LV website. Some questions I have;

    1. What is the price?
    2. Which is nicer, Earth or Black?
    3. Is that vachetta lining on the Earth one?
    4. Saw another similiar model, CITADIN PM, is it a slingbag?
    5. Lastly, any other good recommedation for a guy's slingbag. Something he can use for casual, daily wear, but not too huge, bulky.

    Millions Thanks in advance! :biggrin:
  2. Have a look at the Utah and Taiga lines - they have nice compact bags for men that looks much more stylish than Damier Geant in my opinion.
  3. Thanks alot skyrider. Will definately take a look.
  4. I love tiaga leather!