Getting my annual bonus, help me choose!!

  1. It's been a few years since I was able to afford a new Louis *sniffle*, but I get a lovely bonus soon from work, and would like to drop part of it on a bag. I'm thinking in the 1200.00 or less range (with tax!!) for something larger. Suggest!!! :girlsigh:
  2. Lockit Horizintal, I cant wait till I get mine this SUMMER.
  3. hmmm.... I was going to suggest the Hampstead MM which I LOVE, but it''ll probably be 1300$ after tax.... :sad:

    If not, maybe the Bellevue GM??? it's a really good price for how much "substance" you get lol
  4. Their is the Lockit, the Batignolles vertical or Hoizontal, the Tivoli, Neverfull
    etc. I would do on the website and pick a few out, go to the boutique and then try them on and see what one your heart calls for
  5. I also love the Hamstead MM. If you order from, you will save on the tax.
  6. Bh
  7. Yes, the BH or Lockit and I think you'd have some left over too for a little something extra like a cles or keyring!
  8. tivoli!:tup:
  9. Personally, I'd wait for the Montorgueil GM :love: and then get a little something extra!!
  10. i agree! it's brand new, and absolutely gorgeous! you can treat yourself to a little accessory as well!
  11. I agree! Or the Bellevue GM - I haven't seen it IRL yet, but the pics are amazing!
  12. The Montorgueil would be my first choice as well.
  13. well it all depends.........

    what LV do you already own?
    do you prefer shoulder or hand held bags?
    do you like mono, damier, vernis or epi?

    give us more 411 and we can help you better ;)
  14. tivoli, galliera (i think that's how you spell it.. comes out in april i think), palermo, saleya, hampstead. i would personally think you should save it up to get a suhali lockit because THAT IS SOOOOOO GORGEOUS (and very classy)!!!!
  15. Tivoli GM or Palermo PM!