getting my 1st YSL :D

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  1. Just need some help with what color? Going to get the Easy bag with bubble leather in either camel, black or dark brown....leaning towards the camel simply because I already have a black bag and the brown is just so dark. Am I making the right decision or stick with basic/classic black??? TIA :smile:
  2. OMG, that is tough. Camel is amazingly smooshy and beautiful. black bubbly YSL leather I adore..I also have plenty of black bags and would go fo camel, but black is so amazing in Easy :thinking::shrugs:
  3. I vote for dark brown...dark enough when u want a darker bag, and it's softer than a black bag.
  4. I like either camel or black, there is something about that dark brown I don't like, it's almost too dark.
  5. i don't ever buy brown, so black would be my choice... but really, choose based on what bags you already own and what would go best with your wardrobe. if you already have a black bag, then go with the light brown since you think the dark brown is too dark.
  6. i like bag in black or dark navy....but i am not sure if easy comes in navy tho..
  7. Camel is beautiful...
  8. camel!