getting my 1st LV bag! need your help/opinions please!

  1. Hi everyone! im still kinda new here but I've been getting into LV lately and I really want to buy my first bag soon. (sucks the increase came before i could make my decision!:yucky:) anyways I'm about 5' or 5'1" and around 110lbs. I've been eyeing the alma in ivory epi (or damier)but i'm afraid it being only an arm/hand bag will bother me eventually. im more of an arm bag girl to begin with but still. any ladies who have this bag care to let me know how you feel about your bag? epi or damier..both so nice! cant decide...any opinions will help thanks

    also the bowling montagine looks cute but i have never seen it in person. do you think it'll be to big or bulky on a girl of my size and weight?

    again thanks for anything you can give me! :okay:
  2. welcomeeee.... epi alma in red is going to be my new goodie soon... I love that bag... personally go for it.
  3. Hey there. I've always loved the Alma, but I think it's a little too big for me. I'm currently obsessed with the Bowling Montaigne PM. says the Montaigne is 13" while the Alma is 12.6"

    BUT, if you look at the Montaigne next to the Speedy 30 (11.8") in this thread:
    you'll see that it actually looks smaller.

    So, I'm confused and am going to go look at it in person this weekend and will try to post an update.
  4. oh and hard/easy is it to take care of the epi leather? is it pretty sturdy or will i have to be careful with any contact? i hear the damier's are pretty weather friendly and i right?