Getting MUFE HD Foundation, which brush should I use to apply??

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  1. I need to stop watching tutorials and reading about make-up, because it is only confusing me.

    I am awaiting my order of MUFE HD Foundation and I have 3 potential brushes to use. In order from L to R I have: BareMinerals Kabuki Brush, Ulta Foundation Brush, or MAC 187 SE.

    I know, I should try each one to see which one works best (I actually used the Kabuki Brush to apply my True Match today and I liked how it came out)...but what do you use?? TIA!

    I'm always open to buying something else too! :P On the Kim Kardashian tut I watched yesterday her makeup artist used a flat top Kabuki. I am so confused! ;)

    And oh yeah. I DID do a search before posting this :smile:

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  2. No one? Anyone??
  3. I use the MAC 183 flat top kabuki. It works great! Sometimes I use the 187 which works pretty good too..
  4. I haven't tried this foundation yet- and I'm bad, I just use my fingers for liquid foundation:shame:
  5. I don't see the 183 on MAC's it not available anymore?

    I found some on Ebay...wonder if they are legit? :shrugs:
  6. I don't use MUFE makeup, but I apply my liquid foundation with a flat foundation brush from Everyday Minerals. It looks just like your Ulta foundation brush. It works pretty well and doesn't leave any streak marks on my face.

    However, I have heard a lot of positive reviews in using the stippling brush for liquid makeup. I'm waiting for the Everyday Minerals stippling brush to be released (should be mid Feb); I want to order that and try it out.
  7. I'm a MAC 187 girl with my MUFE HD foundation, but I admit I apply it with my fingertips and then stiple afterwards...and stiple with a little MAC Fix+ spray on the 187 brush too.

    Haven't tried the others so I don't know...good luck in your decision!
  8. I would recommend getting the philosophy airbrush! It is the best brush for liquid makeup.

    I have the couture MAC buffer brush and a MAC 187 too, but I think the philosophy is better for liquid makeup. The brush is dense and can get into the smallest of areas and it leaves your skin looking airbrushed.

    Try the philosophy brush and I hope you will love it!

    Also the 187 SE, which I have 2 of, is really not as good as the regular 187. It is very scratchy and doesn't blend as well as the 187. I would really recommend getting the full size. I guess out of the three you have I would use the ulta foundation brush because I don't think BM brushes are very soft.
  9. I got the MAC 183 at my Cosmetics Company Outlet.
  10. I might try to go to my CCO tomorrow to see if they have a 183. I really like the look of that Philosophy brush too!

    Do you guys put the foundation on your hand first then dip the brush in??
  11. ^ yeah that's what i do. i use the HD and the velvet mat and i just put some product on the back of my hand and dip my MAC 187 into it. it picks up the perfect amount of foundation and i just stipple it on then blend/buff it in with small circles. i would suggest the 187 for sure. it doesn't apply too much or too little.
  12. socal ~ I ordered the Philosophy brush! Can't wait to try it! I do think I need a real 187 too tho...maybe next time.
  13. I either use my fingers or a flat foundation brush. I dab the foundation on my face and then use the brush to blend it out.
  14. Got my Philosophy Airbrush yesterday! I love it!!!!! Thanks for the rec socal!
  15. ulta carries a duplicate of the MAC 187 - it's called a highlighter brush from their ulta professional brush collection. i have both and they are the same thing except the ulta does shed a bit - but not much. and it is about $20 cheaper. it does a great job of stippling liquid foundation. i have a flat lancome foundation brush but i really prefer the stippling one. i shake the foundation bottle and take off the cap and dip the brush in the cap.