Getting Medium Flap caviar bag with gold hardware in Seattle

  1. I am a Chanel virgin. I'd really like to get one! I live in Seattle and Nordstrom carries Chanel. I haven't seen a medium flap in Seattle but I think I could order one.

    Does anyone know the price of a medium flap with gold hardware?

    How long is the average wait if I order one?

    Is there anyone who knows a lot about Seattle Nordstrom Chanel boutique? Who should I contact??
  2. Im sure they have a lot of medium flap in many different colors in their back room. My fave SA there is Daniel but I think he is on vacation right now. So you can ask for Tomoko or Frederick, all 3 are really great SAs. Just tell them Karina sent you. Happy Shopping.
  3. I may be coming up to Seattle this weekend...our Nordie's in Oregon don't have Chanel, so I would love to go Chanel shopping with you sometime even though I can't buy anything! :smile:
  4. M/L classic flap in Carviar is aroun $2350 and in lambskin is around $2550. You can get your bag in less than a week if they sold out at the store.
  5. If you're set in getting the kind of bag you want, go order one from Saks NY, NO TAX plus only $15 shipping.
  6. Yeah call Saks now to avail of the "no sales tax". I heard Saks will be opening in Seattle soon and NM too. Too bad we might have to pay for Sales tax soon even if we order them from out of state. So go and take advantage now.
  7. hi ladies,

    will be in seattle over the weekend for a conference and like to know if the normstorm has anymore reissues?
  8. Does it mean "no sales taxs" when we order from Saks and NM and shipping to Seattle? Thats good information!