Getting Married

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  1. [​IMG]Heath Ledger is about to make an honest woman of the mother of his child
    The Aussie actor and Michelle Williams were spotted last week picking up a marriage license in Brooklyn, where they bought a townhouse this year, according to The couple, who met filming “Brokeback Mountain,” have a daughter, Matilda. A rep for Williams didn’t respond for comment.
    :nuts: :yahoo: :yes:
  2. I love this couple. She is adorable.
  3. finaaaaaaaally :biggrin::biggrin::yahoo:
  4. Good!! They make sure a cute couple!!
  5. Hooray for Jen (I mean Michelle)! I still think of her on Dawson's Creek!
    This couple seem so genuine.
  6. Finally!!!
  7. good for them and it was about time.
  8. I think she is so adorable...I hated her in Dawson's Creek (guess that shows what a good actress she is!!) but ever since she's had Matilda, she has this glow about can tell she is really content about life - good for her!! :cutesy:
  9. I really like them together - plus they seem pretty normal considering they're famous.
  10. Awesome! They are soooo cute together and seem so down to earth!:yes:
  11. Yay!!! I just love them!! :love: :love:
  12. How tiny she is! I wonder why they were not invited to the TomKat wedding? It appeared that nobody from Dawsons Creek or any people that Katie worked with were invited either. Doesn't anybody else find that wierd? You would think Katie would have made some friends from the show that she was on for years. Congratulations to Michelle and Heath!
  13. yeah
  14. Yeah!! I really like them together. They seem so normal and down to earth and their baby is very cute.
  15. they're so cute together!