Getting Marc Jacobs Vans shoes?

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  1. My mom will get me one if I get honors for the piano test. So I better work hard :nuts: I'm getting a regular Vans shoes tomorrow but I'm in love with the MJ version. :love: Which color do you like best? There's other colors but I'd like one of these two :biggrin:
    mjv1.jpg mjv2.jpg
  2. the grey! I seriously love marc jacobs.
  3. Those are cool :nuts: I like the grey.
  4. i like the blue one ^^
  5. I love the grey one. How much are those shoes? I want one!:biggrin:
  6. Wow, I love these! So casual but cute. Where are they for sale?
  7. I like the blue. They had lots of different styles at the MJ in Vegas!
  8. I kinda like the ones with the crossword puzzle pattern with Marc's name filled in some of the squares. I'm trying to decide if they are too logo-ish, but I'm thinking they are just subtle enough. What do you think?
  9. The gray ones are cute!
  10. Those look nice. And not too logoish too. They're 85 dollars and are sold in mj stores? :P
  11. Wow, are they still in stores? I thought they would have sold out immediately.
  12. I like the grey ones and the crossword ones! Only $85? Wow, that's not bad considering I paid $45 for my pink checkerboards!
  13. i actually didnt get a vans today. i came out with my 3rd chucks :biggrin: so the mj vans would be my first?
  14. Wow, only $85? Woohoo!
  15. I just ordered a pair of Marc Jacobs vans. They are they nappa leather high tops with the grey stripe in the middle, I love them. If you want to order any then call a marc by marc jacobs store and tell them which ones you want and pay with a credit card and they will send them to you. shipping is $20.