Getting Manolo's Stretched

  1. Wherein Manhattan should I go to get my manolo's stretched? I bought two pairs this week and I am having second thoughts since they are both a little tight. The first pair are suede boots and I have never had boots streched before. They are just a little tight in the toew box other wise they totally fit. The other is a pair of nude patent open toe mary janes. The length of the mary janes are fine, but they are a little tight in the toe box. I am afraid that they will get ruined if I take them in, but i don't want to return them as I got both on sale and great prices. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have found that the best way to stretch shoes that are a little snug in one area, or rub a little in one area, but are an otherwise good fit is to wear them around the house with socks on as often as you can - it always seems to help alot!!
  3. I'd buy a pair of shoe stretchers. I have a pair that are wood and I use them all the time. In the long run they're a lot cheaper than paying to have shoes stretched at a repair place. You can get them almost anywhere, I bought mine on eBay.
  4. try either shoe service or jim's shoe repair, both in, the manolo boutique uses shoe service. both are nice, shoe service is a bigger operation.
  5. I agree with randr. Shoe service plus has done the best job with stretching Manolos, in my opinion. I even took my $3K croc manolos there to be stretched - I admit being a little worried, but they came out perfect