Getting mail at an US hotel?

  1. Sorry if this is a kinda weird question:

    As some of you know I'll be going to Vegas in a couple of weeks. I'm thinking about getting a bag from a reputable ebay seller and having it send to my hotel in Vegas. The seller agreed to it, but I have to find out if and how that works.

    Does anybody have a clue if that is possible? And if yes, what has to be on the address sticker: My Name c/o my hotel? I tried to get a hold of someone at the hotel but so far my email wasn't answered :sad:

    So if anyone has ever done that. Please give me a helping hand.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Yes, you can receive mail at your hotel.. As you mentioned, I would have it addressed to you, c/o your hotel & your room number (depending on whether you are checked in during this time..) I would also make sure the seller puts signature confirmation on the package so it can be traced to whoever signs for it at the front desk. Also, when you are checking into the hotel, be sure & let them know you are expecting a package during your stay & it's VERY important you get it;) Have a fun trip!
  3. Yes, you can. I forgot the charger for my laptop and had Dell deliver it to the hotel fed-x. they just called my room and said it was at the front desk.
    Iv'e never had any problems at all...

    Have fun in Vegas.. and remember what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas !!
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  4. It is possible. :smile: I know eLuxury won't do but that's not the case here. I would ask front desk to confirm, though. Might be different procedures at different hotels.
  5. This idea has crossed my mind because there are lots of US online websites that do not ship abroad. On thing to bear in mind with ebay, though: if you use paypal (and it's an expnesive item) the seller might be wary about shipping to a hotel.
  6. I have done this several times...check with your hotel, especially in vegas, sometimes their deliver address is different that the physical address. Alot of times the info is on their website....also after your name, add guest and the date you are staying.

    Kitty, guest 11/20-11/25

    Have fun!
  7. Thanks for your input! :flowers:

    It's all set with seller, but I wasn't sure if hotels do that or not. Everything will be ok I guess.
  8. Yeah I've had that done a number of times, just make sure it clearly indicates that your a guest and not staff. Sometimes with large hotels, they are not sure who the package belongs too, but if the room number is listed then you should be good to go.
  9. Ooooo Congrats on your new purchase and your trip to Vagas ! I hope you enjoy ! :flowers: :graucho: :graucho: :party: