Getting Mad at 800-Vuitton

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  1. Okay, what's up with this? I email customer service and ask a very specific question. Does monogram canvas contain anything that will color transfer onto vernis? That's it, that's the question. I get back the first response that is the actual wording from the care booklet that you get with a product. So, I email her back and say, thank you but that didn't really answer my question and I ask it again. I get back the same email. Then I try to do it all over again and get another customer service rep. I get the same reply!!!!! This time I even said could you check for me please and find out? I don't get it. I just don't get it.:rant: :rant: I wanted to type back : please answer the question I asked you :rant: :mad: !!!!!
  2. I guess they really don't know. They want to tell you color does get on vernis but don't want to say the color comes off the monogram.

    Once I went to the store and ask the SA if vernis get scratched easily. She said, "Oh I don't know. You have to buy it and wear it to see if it get scratched." WTH!

    BTW, some redness of the damier lining did rub off onto my white vernis. Just little bit. Now it is slightly pink.
  4. So many customer service e-mails come from computers and not from a human being. They are programmed to respond to key words. I wouldn't doubt that LV does this as well, which may be why you kept getting the same generic response.
  5. I think you were either talking to a robot (computerized, automatic reponse) or that it's their policy to give out standardized responses to frequently asked questions. You're still on the fence about the vernis huh? :Push:

  6. Well I jumped off the fence that's why I am worried now. I am expecting a vernis agenda that will be sandwiched between two mono pieces so I just wanted to check. I'm calling them tomorrow!
  7. oh!! Which one did you order? (sorry if I asked you this already) Sometimes I call the 1866 vuitton number and has gotten pretty good responses from the SA over the phone.

  8. I got the sm agenda in framboise & 4-key holder same color. Yea, I'm calling tomorrow.
  9. WOW! Great buys!! =)
  10. Great buys indeed! Sorry that they're not that helpful!
  11. If you're getting the Framboise then you don't have to worry that much about the color transfers since it's pretty dark. There might be a bit of a transfer but since the canvas also has another coating of some sort of thin vinyl over it, you should be okay. The only reason why the Vernis is so fragile is cause the plastic coating traps the colors of practically anything that isn't fixed.

    Just my thoughts. Ask for sure but honestly, I haven't seen any colors visible when it comes to the Framboise.
  12. I always call the toll free number first and avoid email. They should be much more helpful on the phone.
  13. They finally gave me an answer!!! The answer is.....

    NO!! Monogram canvas does NOT transfer to the vernis!!!!!