Getting LV bags for girlfriend - is it overkill?

  1. I'm thinking about getting my girlfriend LV Neverfull MM as a surprise for her upcoming graduation. She only mentioned it once since we've been together that she wants one as she never owns LV products. We've been in a relationship for almost 3 years and she has been a very good girlfriend.

    So New Neverfull with tax is probably around $1300 - $1400. I probably add organizer in for her as well. Although I am leaning toward pre-loved one because pre-owned feels more like an investment piece. Just like cars get depreciation when you buy new. But I could be completely off here when it comes to designer bags?

    My guy friends are no help because they think it's overkill. Some suggests replica which I am totally against. Either you get a real one or you don't. From guy's perspective, lots of guys tend to think designer handbags are waste of money...which is ironic since us guys have expensive hobby and entertainment we buy for ourselves that costs a lot too. The way I see it is everything can be a waste of money unless it appeals to you.

    So these are the questions for the ladies' perspective, how would you feel if your SO or loved ones buy you LV as a gift?
    What is your thought on New vs Pre-owned as a gift?
  2. I would be so disgusted if my SO gave me a used bag as a gift.
  3. I agree. No pre-loved for gifts.
  4. Her first LV experience should be special. Maybe take her to a boutique and let her choose?
  5. For a Neverfull I would go for new if you can afford it. I dont think you need to get the organizer.
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  6. New and authentic is always best for gifts, please :tup:
    If you'd like to spend a little less go for a wallet, cosmetic case, key pouch or pochette, gld!
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  7. Only buy new. I don't know what you meant by "investment piece" concerning preowned--these aren't investment pieces. They're functional and stylish handbags/totes.

    Taking her to the boutique is another nice option, but only if you're willing to be quite flexible on the price, since the Neverfull is one of the most affordable bags (hence, other choices can be significantly higher).

    And it goes without saying but I'll say it, authentic only.
  8. As to whether or not it's overkill, I think it depends on where you are in your life. Are you a student, or working full time? Will an expensive gift like this cause you to go into debt, or erode emergency savings?

    If the answer to all this is no, and you can afford it, I don't know that it's any more indulgent than nice jewelry would be. You could get any number of really nice items for this price. Would she absolutely love it, or is it just something she'd like someday? Would she be comfortable receiving something this costly?
  9. I'll be the voice of dissention and say that I would not be offended or "disgusted" (wow, seriously?) if I received a pre-loved bag as a gift. I would appreciate that the giver took the time to not only think of me and purchase a gift, but also to pick something authentic and within their budget. I think it is sweet that you have obviously put a great deal of thought & consideration into this.

    That said - since this is her first LV, I do think you might want to make the experience special for her by buying new and having all of the LV packaging - bows, box etc. As far as an organizer, I would wait on that and let her decide if she feels like she wants one. Some women like them and some do not. You could put that money toward an LV bandeau to accessorize her new bag. :smile: I agree with others that the experience of going to the store and letting her pick herself would be nice, but she would need to be aware of what the purchase budget is since the bags can vary greatly from the cost of the Neverfull.
  10. Buy new! It’s more special if she can make her own memories with the bag vs the bag having its own story already. I’d hold off on the organizer as that’s personal preference really
  11. Go with new if it's a gift. Gifting something that is pre-owned feels a bit like you're passing on a hand-me-down. Hand-me-downs are fine in some instances, but not as gifts for a girlfriend, as far as I'm concerned.
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  12. Definitely new. And I would buy it for her rather than take her to the store. She will be so shocked and elated when you hand over that big orange box to her! I remember the first LV bag my husband bought me. I was not expecting it at all and I will never forget seeing that LV box! She can always exchange it if there's something else she'd rather get.
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  13. I think it's really sweet that you want to get her such a nice gift, be it used or new. I personally wouldn't be upset or disgusted with a preloved bag as a gift. I would simply appreciate it either way!! I agree with what a previous poster said about it being overkill. I don't think it's overkill as long as it's reasonable for your financial situation and that's something only you can answer.

    As far as gifting a bag, I like the whole experience of purse shopping so I prefer for my husband to take me with him when he shops for me, even when he knows what I have my eye on. I like to try on the bag and see how it feels and looks on me before I make up my mind. For her first LV, I suggest taking her to the store. If you want to surprise her maybe tell her you're just going to look around and when she's made up her mind, go for it. Or go back the next day and get it.

    Good luck! Let us know what you end up doing!
  14. Go for new neverfull . .my husband bought that for me when we were in Paris and it incredible feelings and memories also..since that's her first luxury bag then y not..u lover her so much and gift for her it will mean for her...goodluck
  15. If you can afford a pre-loved LV, you can afford new from another brand like long champ. I think gifts should always be new .. there will be no question of authenticity and the gift receiver can always have peace of mind that the bag will be serviced in store if an issue arises.

    Good luck!