Getting 'lucky'

  1. Saw the post asking about getting lucky in London, don't know about London...but thought I would share my lucky story with you :smile:

    I always thought I would never spend that much for 1 bag!! Then about 2 years ago DH and I were in Las Vegas, we had just seen O, had a few drinks and were having a blast when we wandered into Hermes. The SA was amazing....gave DH a history lesson on the spot. She was really good, emphasizing the quality and tradition. They had 2 Kellys right then a black one and a cognac one. We almost bought one on the spot....but it was actually me that held back..thought the kelly was a bit too old for me. The next day DH talked me into going back....the same SA was there, and as soon as we walked it, she made a beeline for us laughing, and almost hugged DH...she said, "I knew you would be back, I have a rare treat to show you." She pulled out the yellow Birkin...I gasped and fell in love! My mouth was wide open and nothing but stuttering was coming out of my mouth. When I finally came out of my stupor, I asked, "Is it available?" She just smiled and nodded..I looked at DH....with a shake of his head and a chuckle he put up his hands (like I give up) and said, "OK"....

    And that is how I got my first birkin!
  2. ohhh!!!

    what a fantastic story!!!!!! I love how the DH's always seem to give in!......have you any pics, I would LOVE to see a yellow birkin...what is the leather? the hardware?

    don't tell shopmom, when she went to vegas recently there was nothing there for her to buy, and she is our most die-hard shopper!!
  3. Well!........this just proves it! Either I'm just not meant for shopping in Vegas (and this could be entirely possible!) or I don't know what.....:wtf:
  4. Maybe you really do have cooties?
  5. msbroberts, that's a wonderful story~~~!!! Your yellow Birkin is fabulous, I always think of Yellow as the ultimate Happy color:yahoo:

    Btw, I've seen "O" too and it's an awesome show!

  6. :lol: :lol: I DO have cooties! I'm so convinced!!!!

  7. Actually I think it's the DH's that have the luck! I swear if I had been alone, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere. It was my DH that she enjoyed telling the Hermes story to and enjoyed

    And this is from the LV board from 'tweetie'.

  8. bwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    hg is in a funny mood!!!!
  9. i love hermes stories.. its true.. all we need to get birkin is luck not a waiting list!
  10. What a great story! :girlsigh: I should try bringing my fiance in with me and see if he gets offered any Birkins or Kellys!
  11. Fab story!!! And fab Birkin!
  12. I tried to drag my SO into Hermes while I was traveling, he got pretty annoyed at that idea so I guess I'll always have to go on my own:Push:
  13. ^^ I always go alone to hermes boutique.. if i go with my DH, he'll be :wtf: whenever i ask about crocodile birkins!!
  14. :yes: They brought out a Birkin for DH to see when he was at SCP but it was a BIG one, like luggage size.
  15. Wow! Amazing -- congrats!