Getting lucky

  1. Should I get a pale rose box or lilac twiggy?

    Which is more valuable in the sense that more people are longing/hunting down for it?
  2. The box is discontinued so maybe get the box. I would personally have a tough time deciding btwn those 2!!! Sorry I'm not much help but I do reccommend buy what you love.
  3. I say the Box as well and I love that style but I like lilac better as a color.
  4. I don't know which I love! hahahs..... It's a tough choice. Or should i just save up and get none at all?
  5. Well, I just had this problem myself but I decided to get a Sapin Box even though I wanted a different color but I am so glad I did because I really like the color and I LOVE the style. I was scared if I didn't get it I would never find another one (at least not for a long time). The Box will get harder and harder to find if you don't get it but it's really up to you if you love it or not.
  6. Gee... lilac is a hard to find colour too right? I'm still torn =/ But thanks a lot for both of ur opinions :smile:
  7. personally, the lilac twiggy :p

    btw, is it the lilac '04 or '06?
  8. Lilac twiggy? unless it's the old season not the new season.....:love: :love:
  9. I have both of those colors: a pale rose box and lilac shrug. They are both gorgeous, but I think in the long run Lilac would be a better investment b/c the nature of the Pale Rose is to become more beige/yellow with time and that's sped up by sunlight.

    Here's my Rose Box brand-spanking new:

    Here she is now:

    Lilac has only become more beautiful with use...but this color can get watermarks, so using a protector spray is a good idea.
  10. WOW That's a TOUGH decision. If you could swing it I'd get both.
  11. realdealcollection, thank you for the info regarding the fading of pale rose.
  12. I am not sure either color is hard to find unless the lilac is from '03 or '04. I think you should buy the color you prefer keeping in mind what realdeal said about the tendency of pale rose to yellow.
  13. lilac LILAC lilac twiggy!!! :heart:
  14. lilac twiggy.
  15. I'm not a fan of the Box, so I say get the Twiggy.