Getting lots of SPAM


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Sep 13, 2005
I don't know if its related to my visiting the Forum (or other blogs) but I'm getting so much more SPAM the past few weeks than ever before. They are of four kinds....

1) Things that looks like they are from the FBI or CIA telling me that I'm visiting "illegal" websites and they want me to open the attachment and answer their questions (yeah, right!). Lord knows I hope the gov't would be a bit more forceful if I were a real threat!

2) Offers to see Paris Hilton photos and "please use our attached download manager to view" -- again, yeah, right.

3) Friendly emails (poorly spelled) from someone who has changed their email address and isn't sure if they missed things I might have sent. Please open the attachment and let them know if that stuff was from me.

and lastly,

4) What seems to be notifications of the inability to send emails from me with an apology that whatever-system has been trying for 4 hours to send the attached email -- hoping I'll click on the attachment to see which of my messages has been unreceived.

I have a really good network at home and a firewall so all of the attachments have been deleted before the email hits but I'm wondering if anyone else is getting these sorts of things. I just figured this was a regular place I'm going, maybe someone is targeting "us".
Oh, there's a 5th type....a notice that my password to someplace or other is attached, click to open.

Listen whomever, I just ain't that stupid!
I haven't get any spam mail from visiting this forum (yet). ::knock on wood:: This is the only forum I visited (yes, I'm very royal to this forum lol) so you might be getting the spam from visiting other sites then. Also, I don't remember if we need to register our email when we sign up for this forum. Vlad?
I'm not saying its this Forum, or the site. I'm just trying to backtrack and if someone else on the Forum is having the same problem, that would simplify my search.
Well, now that you mention it - I did get a fraudulent e-mail from a scam artist pretending to be from Amazon and asking for all sorts of personal information - I immediately reported it to Amazon - I can't see how that would connect to the Forum but I never got anything like that before!
Hey ladies- sorry I didn't see this sooner! I will wait for Vlad to give you the super smart answer, but your email adresses are NOT available to the public so it should not be from this site. Let's wait and see what Vlad says....

Sorry bout the problems though! I always get spam
My spam is exactly like yours with the exception of the FBI spam, I don't get that. But it isn't going to the mailbox that is not registered on this site, so that is what is so confusing. I will try to investigate as well.
Hey guys,
I'm sorry for your recent spam. I can assure you all that it has nothing to do with the PurseForum though. The forum software hides your email addresses from malicious spiders that spammers send out to crawl the web, and we for sure do not abuse your email addresses in any way, not to our own advantage, nor to anyone else's.

If you are using a freemail address, e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail, you are bound to receive spam soon after creating the account anyway. Spammers have clever techniques to poll the mail servers for existing addresses and eventually figure out yours, too.