Getting into colors...


Work and city

  1. RT City AND Rouge Vif Work

  2. RVif/Tomato City and RT work (I know its next to impossible)

  3. Paparika City and RVif/Tomato Work

  4. RVif/Tomato city and Grenat Work

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  1. heya fellow Bbaggers!

    well, I'm about to start venturing into the colorful world of Bbags now... so thought I'd start with some early research and opinions from my trusty fellow PFers...

    I love red and orange (I'm just not a green or blue bag girl no matter how beautiful Balenciaga blues or greens are! sorry blue and green lovers! :p)

    so i want a City AND work... but which color in which style without looking too much alike? I LOVE :heart::heart::heart: 05 RT red City but it seems like its sooo hard to find.... and the Rvif work that a fellow PFer posted is absolutely gorgeous!

    btw, is the RVif very similar to the Tomato?

    what do you all recommend? I've got a poll up as well, so please vote!

    TIA! :tup:
  2. Hey ali. Welcome over here. I say check out the Tomato City. It's a gorgeous color!!!
  3. I would choose an RT City (because it'll be easier to find than the Work) and a Tomato Work. They are totally two different colors and I can see needing both.