Getting international solictations on auction/Blocking

  1. All of my auctions clearly state US only, no exceptions. The past 24 hours, I've been deluged with potential bidders from Asia asking if I'll ship there. I know there's a very high probability that they're all scammers, so I'd like to reinforce my eBay block by blocking their individual usernames.

    I can't, for the life of me, figure how to block bidders from an auction. Can someone please help me with this?

    Also, does the eBay block on "registered in countries to which I don't ship" really work?
  2. I think so. I tried to bid on more than one auction where seller's description say's would ship worldwide....... but in shipping instruction it says 'ship within USA only' and it blocks my bid.
  3. Once a US seller agreed to sell to me (Switzerland) and I tried to BIN. The system wouldn't let me. Then the seller had to change the auction to "Europe" or whatever, and then it worked. So I guess the blocking thing works.
  4. When you list your item, there's a section where you can chose what countries to ship to. There's another section where you can check, block bidders from the countries you don't ship to
  5. For what it's worth, I ship to Asia routinely and out of over 1100 transactions I have only had one bad one. So, I don't personally believe that it's safe to assume that all Asian bidders are scammers. A lot of my Asian bidders are willing to pay WELL over retail for things that are hard to find there.

    That being said, yes, the blocking of bidders based on country does work.