Getting induced Monday!!! Any advice?

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  1. Ok, so I'm getting induced Sep 10 and we are sooo anxious and excited! I have a severe case of PUPPP and am quickly losing my sanity. Needless to say, I'm elated that we will be greeting our DS shortly.:yahoo::yahoo:

    With that said, anyone else who has been induced, please offer some firsthand advice/experiences. I would love to hear- good and bad ones. The more honest the better.

    Doc is starting me off on the gel and then potocin. I know every pregnancy is different but on average, how long before it takes effect?:confused1:
  2. I too, was "induced".
    Just relax, and make sure the Pitocin is running.
    They were talking about a section, which IMO, is often suggested before adequate time passes, seems to me like CS are the "norm" now... Luckily I'm in healthcare myself, & I asked about the pitocin, which had NOT been increased in hours. Within 30 minutes I delivered. Hope all goes well for you!!
  3. I had pitocin, and everything was good. I started going into labor within 30 min to an hour of having it!

    EEEKKKK!!!! I can't believe you're having yours monday!!!! WHoo Hoo!!

    Good Luck Hun!!!
  4. I was induced with my ds around 11ish in the morning. He was born @ 6:12 pm. At first the drip didn't really do much. They later broke my water and that's pretty much when I went into extreme labour, as I like to call it. So, from no pain, to the worst kind of pain imaginable. I requested an epidural, which was like pulling teeth with the nurses. I finally got one, and once it started to kick in, I was in heaven. The birth was a breeze. I also was running on a ton of adrenaline. I would suggest an epidural, but everyone handles pain differently. Good luck, congrats and post pics of this precious little one when you can! Keep us in the loop!
  5. ask for an epidural, the pitocin can really kick in. don't be a hero...take the pain medication.

    i was induced for both kids, and would do it again.

    don't be scared, just go with it
  6. I think just like regular labor it can very a great deal. I was induced with #2, and baby was born just over an hour after being given the pitocin. Where as the woman in the room next to mine was given pitocin just before me, and hadn't even started labor when I was moved to a regular room, about 2 hours after giving it all depends.

    I know it's easier said then done, try and relax and stitck to the same birth plan you had before.
  7. I was just induced last week. The suppository started kicking in at 12 hours. I started the pitocin immediately and the epi soon after. I didn't have a very good experience at all with any of it.

    Wishing you the best of luck!!!
  8. make sure and take your baby book and open it to the page for foot prints, the nurse will be happy to oblige you!
    Also make sure you bring your address book for phone numbers ;)
    Bring socks that you don't mind if they get ruined and LIP BALM!!! Your lips will be SO dry!
  9. Thanks for the encouragement y'all! Everyone has really good suggestions and thoughtful words. I am definitely planning on getting an epi..that was always a given for me! :yes:

    I know I should just relax and that every pregnancy varies. It's just so hard to go to the hosp knowing I'm subjecting myself to this! lol! I think the anticipation of pain is the thing that gets me the most. I just have to make sure I ask for the epi early enough (but not too early) so I don't feel like ripping my uterus out!
  10. You DIDN'T have a good experience?? Because it took so long?
  11. I will most likely be induced if not going for a scheduled C section. A friend of mine was induced with her #1 and she had a good experience with it. Good luck!
  12. Good luck!! Try to relax and enjoy it, it will be over before you know it.

    Bring a comfy pillow from home the hospital pillows suck.
  13. I was induced with both kids. The first started at 7 am, with my son born around 4 pm, and the second at 7 am with my daughter born at 2 pm. You just get hooked up to everything, and wait for things to happen. Bring socks! Your feet will be freezing. I will admit that as soon as I got my epidural, I went from freezing cold to happy and warm.
  14. I didn't mind the length of time, I actually enjoyed lying in bed for 12 hours waiting for the contractions to start since it was the first time in many years that I had the chance to lie in front of the television for so long and not be expected to do anything---plus while you're on the suppository you can eat and move around where as on pitocin and epi its no food and confined to bed.

    I actually had complications with the epi and in labor...every complication possible and it resulted in a not-so-great delivery.

    Just try to remain positive and you'll be okay!!!! Oh, and like everyone says, you really do forget the pain!
  15. I was induced with my dd because I was a week overdue and she was showing no signs of entering the world on her own. :smile: I started the pitocin drip at 8 a.m. and didn't really start dilating or having major contractions until 3:30 p.m. Once they started though, they were extremely painful...I went from 3 centimeters to 10 in an hour and a half, pushed for 20 minutes and dd was born at 7:13 p.m. I didn't have an epidural (my doctor wanted me to dilate another centimeter or two before I got one, but the hospital was really busy at that time and so the next time they checked me, I was complete) and the pain was the point of unbearable though somehow I got through it. My sister on the other hand had pitocin along with an epidural and she slept almost up until it was time to start pushing...I say go for the epidural! :yes: