Getting in and out of your Ramona?

  1. Hi there,

    My friend purchased a gorgeous Ramona (her first Choo) and hates it because she says it difficult getting in and out of.
    I have a Ramona and riki and found I don't often clasp my bag close all the way. I let the buckle part fall into the inside - does that make sense?
    I told her I would ask others and see what they do?
    To be honest, I haven't thought much about it until she discussed it with me today.
    Maybe a Mahala would have been a better choice for her to get in and out of?
    What do you think?
  2. hi! i don't close the flap either - sounds like i do the same thing you do - just leave the flap either hanging inside the bag or just over the front but don't use the clasp. in fact, i don't think i've ever really "closed" the bag.
  3. I don't own a ramona or a riki, but I do have a Rhonna which has the same type of clasp and I agree it is kind of a hassle. I don't clasp it either. The mahala type is much easier.
  4. I have a blue patent Rikki and that is my complaint about the bag too. I think that it is such a beautiful bag that it deserves to be displayed with the lock fastened and secure. The problem is that the clasp is a bit of a pain to get closed! I hate it sometimes (the clasp not my Rikki!). In fact, since I bought the Rikki that is now one thing I look for when I'm thinking about buying a bag. I wanted a Botkier Bianca but decided against it because of the clasp similar to the Ramona and Rikki clasp. There is nothing worse than struggling with the clasp when I'm holding other things or trying to do something!
  5. Good thread ...

    I was thinking what a lazy baglady I am.
    I appreciate your thoughts
  6. I have the Riki, Ramona & the Ring and I very seldom clasp the bag closed, unless I am sitting in a restaurant or somewhere and the bag is hanging over the chair, but for the most part, I too let it hang inside the bag.
  7. I can actually sneak my hand around a locked bag and retrieve small items as needed... it looks so nice when it's all locked up :heart:. But yeah, it's a hassle locking it and unlocking it...
  8. Bonnie - I'll have to master that hand maneuver - thanks for the tip :tup:
  9. I lock my Riki all the time -- mainly because I live in NYC and pickpockets are a definite threat which I learned the hard way!! It was a pain at first but now I'm so used to it I don't even notice, it's just a habit. (I have a Bianca too, so I've applied my Riki locking skills to the Bianca!!)
  10. I know this doesn't help so much with the clasp issue, but one thing you can do is take your Ramona to a high-end cobbler (shoe repair) and have them add a couple of additional holes to the "belt" encircling the top of the bag. That will move the buckle over a little, creating a wider opening at the top of the bag and allowing you to really see its contents. Also I know a lot of women throw the clasp over the bag once it's closed but don't actually lock it; this gives the illusion of security but still makes it easy to get in and out. Hope this helps!
  11. I have a Ramona and I don't often clasp it closed. Even when I do, I think my arms are small enough to go in and find what I need.
  12. I've been carrying my Riki and like Bonniec and JayJay I keep mine clasped all the time too....I just like how it looks. I love the bold clasp, it was one of the features of the bag that attracted me, so I've just gotten used to the inconvenience as well.

    The things we do for fashion! :p
  13. I have never undone the buckle. It looked good when I first bought it and I did not have a problem getting in or out of it. I just left it alone. Works for me.
  14. Ha
    My bag is nothing compared to my uncomfortable hi heels :lol::lol:
  15. That's what I do. It's kind of annoying if you wear rings, though, which can catch and make the "tricky hand maneuver" even trickier.