Getting in and out of the Alma

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  1. Hey all,

    OK, thanks to all your helpful suggestions, I think the Damier Alma is my next conquest. Before I go try one on, could anyone clarify how the zippers work? I'm assuming it's one big ol' zipper fest along the entire length of the bag, correct? Is it easier to keep both zipper pulls at the center, or just have them both closed on one side at the end (or does that look weird)?

    Sorry if I'm rambling, just excited with an itchy online shopping finger :wlae: :upsidedown:
  2. My Mom always kept the zippers at dead center- it doesn't add much work, the zippers move very fluidly. oh, and you want a Damy- gorgeous! You should get it! :devil:
  3. my mom does the same thing for both her Damier and Epi Almas :yes:. have you considered the Epi Alma? it looks nice in black and the mocha, even though the shape of the bag itself irritates me :lol:
  4. ^^ Agreed, Yeux, I've heard the mixed reviews on the Alma shape...I do love the Epi as well. But given my $1k budget I think the damier Alma is next...for now :graucho: .

    Thank you! :flowers:
  5. :nuts: A very wonderful choice...I have one in Damier....

    Its a very yummy looking bag...and I keep the zippers all the way to one side so that I can get into the bag while having the bag hang on my with the other hand I can move the zipper and slide my hand in..without putting it down to open the bag up...did that make sense? Sorry if its confusing....:shrugs:

    It helps ALOT to get the strap just incase you need to sling it on your body for when you need to carry groceries or shopping bags.

    Post pics when you can!!!!:yes:
  6. I have the white MC one..I love how easy it is to get in to.
    I keep my zippers up at the top, dead center like Valley said.
  7. Pursegrrl - my bf sister has a Black Epi Alma and everytime she carries it, I notice she zips it up to the middle - like what everyone else has mentioned or she just leaves it open - but the zips are NOT zipped all the way down... I hope you have lots of FUN with your choice of LV!!! :wlae:
  8. I leave my black MC Alma open most of the time :yes: Otherwise it's closed w/ both zippers on top, so that it opens fast.
  9. Mine is open 99.9% of the time but when I do close it I do it like this:
  10. sorry to hijack ur thread pursegrrl, i've got a qn about almas - considering the damier and the epi alma:

    does the damier one tend to sort of flatten on the top part near the zip? i saw the epi one, it seems to fluff up and keep its shape nicely cos of the harder epi material?
  11. i zip mine in the middle, but now that you girls mention it i do leave it open a lot.
  12. IMO, the damier or epi alam looks the best. as for zipper preference - which ever works for you.
  13. I tend to keep my zippers in the middle since it's easier to open and close. I love my black epi alma!!
  14. I have the shoulder strap (which I love) - but I have also noticed a flattening on the top of the bag when the zipper is closed - Is that from the bag having too much stuff in it or just the design flaw of the bag????
    shrink alma1.jpg shrink alma 2.jpg
  15. I like the zipper in the middle too, but must admit not one of my favorite bags. I got the MC when it came out, since the only styles were speedy and alma. I hardly used it so I gave it to my mom...6 months later she gave it back, she didn't use it