Getting harder to find Mulberry in person in the US

  1. I went on a shopping trip in the city recently and noticed a dearth of Mulberry bags compared to a year or two ago. I was in the Union Square shopping area in San Francisco and it has Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, and Nordstrom. Out of all these major luxury department stores it appears that only Nordstrom still carries Mulberry bags and the selection is considerably smaller than it used to be, even though they recently renovated their entire handbag department and the space is much bigger and nicer now. Even the new Bloomingdale's with the giant handbag selection does not carry Mulberry at all! I've also noticed that many of these department stores' websites used to have Mulberry but have stopped online as well.

    This is very disappointing because up here in SF we do not have a Mulberry boutique and it is now going to be very difficult for me to both buy anything and also see things in person and select the bag I want (especially as the characteristics of the leather can be so different on each bag). As a Mulberry fan I find this extremely upsetting!!! :crybaby: If you love Mulberry please write to some of these department stores and let them know they should carry them!
  2. You think this is bad... at least you still have access of the newer styles!

    In Canada, as far as I know, only one place carries them (Holt Renfrew) and it looks like they are not carrying anything new anymore... :confused1: I went to check out the stores this weekend and they only have them on the sale rack from a few seasons ago! So unless we order from the web - I doubt we can get any new styles!

    If someone knows where to find Mulberry in Canada please also let me know! My mom loves Mulberry!
  3. I went looking for Mulberry on a recent trip to Chicago - went to Saks, Barneys, and NM. I asked a SA in each about Mulberry. They all told me that they no longer carry Mulberry due to the fact that Mulberry won't let them any more - they want the sales to go through their own boutiques. :shrugs:
  4. I feel your pain ladies. I can't even look at them online at NM or Bergdorf's... Hey Mulberry -- read this thread and tell us what's going on!
  5. i read something recently on a Uk web-site that they were no longer going to sell Mulberry because they weren't allowed to discount items- only official Mulberry sales allowed. maybe Mulberry are trying to become more exclusive again by only selling in their own boutiques?? or maybe they don't like being undercut by the bigger stores? Don't know!
  6. I noticed the same thing here in Atlanta last week. Neiman's and Saks no longer carry Mulberry at all, and Nordstrom's selection was hopelessly limited. The SA at Nordie's said they'd recently sent back all their unsold Bayswaters. WTF??? :confused1: Looks like I'm going to have to save any Mulberry purchases for my next trip to the UK.
  7. Neiman Marcus Last Call stores still have them. I saw a few when I was there Saturday. Maybe they are clearing out the older merchandise from the larger stores.
  8. If you're in the San Francisco area, the Walnut Creek Nordstrom has a great Mulberry collection. I would call them if you're in the market for one and they can probably send it to the one in the city. Good luck!
  9. I saw some older Mulberry styles at Neiman Marcus Last Call recently too - that's where I got my olive Roxanne - but it looks like NM will not be carrying any more Mulberry in the future. Thanks for the tip on Nordstrom Walnut Creek - that location is actually more convenient for me though a little further away (no bridge toll or city parking fees!) It's strange that they didn't have a greater Mulberry selection in their SF location though, as their handbag department there now is all gussied up.

    It looks like Mulberry corporate was unhappy about their bags getting marked down at the end of the season at the department stores. I guess Mulberry doesn't want their bags to be sold at below retail except from their official outlets. That's really too bad because I've gotten some great deals on their bags before.
  10. Are they available at the larger market Nordstroms, Chicago for example?
  11. I ordered my new Emmy directly from the Mulberry Store in NYC, Bleeker Street. They were great and shipped quickly. It is so yummy. Still, I would have liked to see it first, maybe compared it to the Annie that I also want:drool: . I always have immediate buyer's remorse. Should I have purchased the other bag, maybe I would have chosen differently in person. Sigh . . . .
  12. Sadly, I visited this Nordstrom this week and they had *just* (literally, that day) reduced the size of their Mulberry offerings. There used to be a section in the front with many bags, and now they've moved them to the back shelves with only a few styles out on display. They said they had more in the back which they will bring out in rotation and offered to show me some, but clearly something is going on and their floor space for Mulberry has shrunk a lot. :sad:
  13. aww- so sorry to hear that! I hate when it's hard to find things you love!
  14. I know for a fact that they are putting in a Mulberry boutique at Ceasars in Atlantic City NJ. It'll be right next to LV and's still under contruction.
  15. Yep, I was just there yesterday, and there was quite a large selection. The Mulberry section was bigger than those of most other bags.