Getting frustrated...

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  1. #1 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    Ok...I have finally decided on a handful of bags that I really like. When I go BACK to the etailer pages (several sites) they are sold out. I am really getting frustrated with myself!

    Which site does special orders? Also, how hard is it going to be to find 2008 bags? I am CRAVING blueberry but it seems to be selling out fast.
  2. Tano makes a pretty small production- its best not to obsess over least seasons bags b/c they will be diffcult, if not impossible, to find! Basically you have to shop in season or else you cant count on finding what you want.

    As far as special orders go, retailers can only special items that Tano has in stock or in production. And at this point, Tano is totally sold out of Fall bags and producing only spring bags.
  3. still has a some blue berry listed in a few styles. What bags are you interested in? The woman on this forum are very skilled in finding the hidden bags!

    On the other hand, Tano Expert is correct about buying in season. The new colors and new bags are coming out soon. I am not sure if blue berry is going to be a spring color, but you can ask that question on the sticky forum titled" "ask Tano Expert". She can answer any of your questions about the line of Tanos, but if you want to ask a question about availability in her store, you must e-mail her directly.

    The hunt is half the fun!
  4. Awh I'm sorry the bags you want keep selling out! What can we help you find!?
  5. Another thing you may want to try is going to the tano site and seeing stores that are near you that carry tano and call and see if they have any of the styles you are looking for.. they may be able to send it to you or hold it until you can get down there. But definitely let us know what youre looking for so we can try to help you find it!
  6. Try ebay, you never know what you'll find there
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    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    Hey we've all been through this as Tano newbies at one time or another. I remember being totally in love with several Tanos and not being able to get them because the etailers had sold out. Blueberry was Fall '08 so the etailers are running low on this color and the styles are limited. As TE mentioned, Tano will not recut a color or style once they have produced their line for that season. Your only hope is that it will pop up on ebay (but you risk the not being able to return the bag) or a similar color/style will pop up in the next seasons. Hang tough girlie!

    Just in case you are interested, I saw this on ebay (not my auction). I've bought from this seller and have never had problems (but all sales are final):
  8. We all fall in love with a color for one season, only to fall more in love with a color the next season. Tano always makes beautiful blue each season. I loved many colors this season, but none of the styles made me want to jump.....until the Postage Tramp went on sale at MHB. I am awaiting delivery tomorrow!

    Good luck and let us know what you are looking for. Some of the gals on this forum are excellent at digging something up.
  9. There are still some blueberry bags out there to be had....but a lot of us went thru this when our Tano love affair started :yes: You'll learn quickly to nab colors you want each season because when they are gone they are really hard to come by.

    I hope you find a blueberry Tano to love soon!!!!