Getting from Midtown Manhattan to JFK

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  1. Does anyone know how long it takes to get from Midtown (30th and Madison, specifically) to JFK via subway? Am I better off just taking a cab, or will that cost a fortune? Thanks for the help!
  2. take a cab i believe it's $40 or 45 flat rate that will be best if you have luggage
  3. The cabs charge a flat rate going from JFK into Manhattan, much more expensive going the oposite direction. There are a number of shuttle services that go into JFK. Check into one of the local hotels, they'll have one and it will cost you around $20 - $25.
  4. I would say it will take almost an hour via subway from your location.
  5. I took the subway from Harlem (136th-ish) express train and it took like 2 hours, so it should take you at least an hour. Also, don't forget, when you get off the train, you still have to hop on the JFK shuttle train. That takes like 30 minutes too.
  6. Super Shuttle or NY Airport Service are your best bets. NY Airport Service from Grand Central will take about 30-40 minutes, depending on the time of day and where your terminal is (and what number you are in terms of being dropped off). Super Shuttle to JFK can take 45 minutes to an hour, again, depending on conditions on the day you travel. I'd avoid the subway at all costs. It may only be $2, but the hassles you'll endure (stairs!!) aren't worth it unless you're traveling very lightly.
  7. Oh no!,dont take the subway its going to be a big inconvenience for yourself,and others around you. If you really want to save money just take a cab around 59th and lexington,it should cost cheaper from there.
  8. Most dependable way to get to JFK if you've got a budget and want to save time, especially from where you are -- there's a stop on 34th street. They keep pretty close to their schedule, but add an additional 15 - 20 minutes, just in case.

    Of course, if you're NOT going the budget route, the quickest way in and out of NYC airports is any of the helicopter services: 15 mins, no check-in screening lines (they screen you at the helipad). This service runs you from $150 to $500. Definitely a nice way to get in and out of the ridiculous airport traffic. :yes: :tup:
  9. I think it's $45 to the airport now as well. You're better off taking the cab. It will be better even during rush hour because you do not want to be carrying luggage in the subway during rush hour. Everyone's squished already.
    I think $45 +$4+tip is the total. $4 is the ezpass price for the midtown tunnel.

    Have fun in NY! With the dollar as it is, it's a great time to visit.
  10. Thanks for the help everyone. I am traveling extremely lightly (as in, one small carry-on with all my clothes shoved into it), so having luggage on the subway isn't a huge issue, but it still definitely doesn't sound like an appealing option. I'll definitely end up taking the shuttle that Hubba recommended.
  11. Hi Lilian, since SO and I have an apartment on the UES and a home in MN, we travel back and forth very frequently and this is what I do:

    Take the subway (4,5 or 6) to the 53rd and Lexington stop and then walk through the passageway to take the E express towards Queens to the JFK stop (this takes 40-50 minutes depending on time of day or if the trains stop and pause for some reason:shrugs:).

    As I exit the subway station to the right, I take the elevator (not the escalator) to the 3rd floor of the LIRR station and walk past it to the Airtrain entrance. I buy a $5 metrocard and swipe it through to catch the airtrain to JFK (~15 min. to Terminal 4).

    I sometimes take cabs and it's about $45. Since SO and I do this very often, we were both happy when he 'discovered' this way of getting home from JFK. We are still newbies to the city, so any time we can avoid driving or being in a car is a blessing :yes:. He once drove me to the airport in his audi TT and I almost cried.:sweatdrop:

    I also travel light and dress casual and read on the way. Good luck!