Getting Fit with an Injury - Need advice

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  1. I rolled my ankle in a step class in December. I went to the doctor about it and he told me to buy a brace and wear it anytime I worked out.

    For the most part I've tried to stay off of it (i.e. no kickboxing or high impact cardio), opting for Pilates classes and walking instead.

    Well, yesterday when I was walking to my car in the snow without my brace on I stepped on it incorrectly and rolled my ankle--exactly the same as before. It hurt so badly that I started crying and had to limp back to my apartment.

    I've iced it and elevated it and am trying to take it as easy as possible. I'm a little concerned, though, because I'm a bit of a gym rat and I've seriously had to cut back on exercising. I want to make sure my ankle heals, so I want to lay off the hard core cardio for at least a month.

    However, it's driving me crazy not being able to do my normal routine of high impact classes (nevermind being confined to flats...I'm a heels kind of girl).

    I know talk is cheap, but I've heard that really watching what you eat (obviously) combined with strength training is truly the best way to get in shape (as opposed to doing lots of cardio).

    Does anybody here have experience with this? I'm looking to drop about 5 lbs and tone up. I'd assume changing my diet alone could lead to weight loss and the pilates will help me tone. It's the lack of intense cardio or HIIT altogether that has me worried...

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. I had a similar scare back in Nov, my enitre left leg had lost all feeling, after being tested for various things including MS, super scary, the doc said it was nerve damage...during that time I was told to stay off my feet totally. And i didn't gain a pound, i actually lost. While not being able to exercise I made sure I ate perfectly, which led to a loss...

    I wouldn't be too worried as long as what u eat i "good"...

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!
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